Unbreak Me by Jesse H Reign

The effortlessness and intricacy of the plot and the appeal of the characters are so deeply thoughtful that there is no way for someone to read right to the end and not feel every bit of emotion Unbreak Me was meant to portray. You become completely drawn into this story and are kept glued to every word.

From the Blurb: 

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Young Englishman, David Hammond, discovers life on a remote farm in South Africa isn’t at all what he was expecting. He expected the change in climate to do him good. To lift his mood. He certainly didn’t expect farmer, Jonathan Rosseau, to be so rugged or handsome. It turns out, it’s more than the warm weather that gets David hot under the collar.

David deals with his emotions the only way he knows how. By keeping a diary. A very detailed diary. A diary you get to read.

Unbreak Me is a story about first love and coming out. It contains a dollop of angst, smatterings of self-deprecating humour, and enough steam to make your hair frizz.

Depression and self-harm are mentioned.

Zakiyya's Review:

We follow the young and beautiful Englishman, David Hammond on his captivating journey to South Africa for a much needed change of scenery and here we experience him overcome his fears and insecurities with accepting who he really is. He is completely and utterly blown away when he meets the gorgeous and rugged farmer, Jonathan Rosseau.

David’s initial awkwardness around Jonathan made him hilarious, lovable and all the more real.

And Jonathan – OMW, he should be labelled [ Too sexy for public transportation ] – he was such a beautifully written character overall. The number on times he made me melt and swoon was unbelievable…

Together, they fall deeply and powerfully in love as they begin exploring the tender side of that love and experiencing all of the steamiest moments that just leaves you salivating.

That physical ache in my chest at one particular point in the book further verified how wonderfully written this book is.

David’s character arc was such a beautiful thing to witness.

And I have to say, being a South African myself, the little bits of the South African heritage thrown-in here and there was wonderful to see.

If you love books with kind and loving characters and deep emotions then this is a book you should definitely read.

Rating: 5 Stars