The Professor's Date (The Script Club #5) by Lane Hayes

Sexy genius professor meets sociable jock hair stylist and sparks fly. It doesn't matter that they don't seem to have anything in common, Thomas and Noah have magnetism, or gravitational force, or just maybe they fit together like you only can when you find your person. Lane Hayes adds another brilliant couple to the Script Club series with The Professor's Date.

From the blurb:

The professor, the hair stylist, and a wedding date…


Help! My sister is getting married and according to her, I need a date. And a makeover. I’m a busy man, though. I don’t have time to meet eligible bachelors, and the tape holding my glasses together works just fine. Until my hair stylist steps on them.

Yes, Noah, my dazzling dreamboat of a hair guru created a mini disaster, but I don’t mind at all. He’s a sweet, funny, kind jock who—

Screech! No jocks. I have nothing in common with sporty people.

Except…Noah is different.


I don’t date. However, I’m not opposed to offering fashion advice to a sexy professor in need. A haircut, a quick shopping expedition...

Boom! Mission accomplished.

Not so fast. I’ve misjudged the situation and my attraction to the geek with the tragic sense of style. Sure, Thomas is too smart for me by a long shot, but there’s something about him that makes it easy to forget my past. It might be his quietly commanding nature or his movie-star good looks. Or maybe it’s just him.

All I know is that I’m very tempted to be the professor’s date.

The Professor's Date is an MM geek/jock romance featuring a nerdy professor, a soccer-playing hair stylist, and a quest for the perfect date!

SNik's Review:

Fifth in series (The Script Club), can be read as a standalone, can be more fun if read in order as there are some past character cameos. Hurt/comfort. Nerd/jock. Dual POV. 

Take one astrophysics professor that meets a soccer player hair stylist and mix for an unexplainable attraction between two men that should be opposites, but are drawn together beyond just the physical. 

While Thomas needs a date for his sister’s wedding festivities and is insanely attracted to Noah, Noah doesn’t date, and even if he desperately wants to fool around with the professor, he can’t let anyone close that could hurt him like he’s been hurt in the past. 

The Professor's Date is all about Thomas and Noah spending time together and inevitably catching feelings, and Noah’s honest interest in all the science that Thomas loves, plus the way Thomas is able to see deeper beyond what little bits of his past that Noah wants to share is swoony. 

Steamy scenes.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

Well, The Professor's Date was a delightful sweet treat. This is my first Lane Hayes book, so by that logic I also haven't read the rest of this series. Yet. I'm usually wary of jumping in a series when it's so far on but I took a chance and I think I picked it up well enough to really enjoy it. I realise some of the characters we met here are from the previous books but this stood alone well and I really enjoyed it.

Tommy is an utter delight. Sweet, nerdy, the archetype of the forgetful academic until he turns on his dominant side, then HELLO 😉. I loved his passion for science and his work, and his wonder at everything around him. Noah too, I loved for different reasons. He has so many layers and when I found out how broken he was, I was all in for these two. They're utterly perfect together and I adored all their interactions, right from the very first haircut.

These two were so perfect together and I'm glad they could see it because they both deserved the happiness they got. Noah in particular had such a hard time and it was so lovely to see him gradually opening up to all the possibilities he deserves.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

This was my first foray into the Script Club series as for some reason I didn't realize it was book 5. I was mostly focused on how quirky the blurb was and the words nerd/jock trope. I'm like a moth to the flame when I see that trope listed and I'm giddy to learn that is the theme of this entire series. I will certainly be checking out books 1-4, especially after hearing all the descriptions of the men in the Script Club.

The Professor's Date was a mixture of funny, adorable, and surprisingly steamy goodness. I mean Tommy is all nerdy professor who loves to chat about his work in astrophysics, but once you get him in the bedroom Watch Out! Mr. Professional becomes Mr. Dominant and like Noah I was so there for it. I love when the nerd in the pairing ends up being toppy AF. It goes against the stereotype too many of us fall for.

Noah was an interesting character. He used to be a professional soccer player, but circumstances led to him leaving that path and now he's a fabulously decked out hair dresser. His meet cute with Tommy was sweet as Tommy was booked with him to get a much needed haircut. The pair hit it off as friends and somehow ends with Noah lending his fashion and dating insights to help Tommy find a date for his sisters upcoming wedding.

Though Noah seems like a happy go lucky guy on the outside, past trauma has him carrying a lot of hidden baggage. His sunny personality hides his insecurities, but it doesn't take too long for Tommy to start seeing behind the mask. He is a genius after all. On paper these two should never have worked, but somehow they do. In fact their dynamic is perfect for each other. Even if one of them isn't invested in a certain topic such as sports, they both are attentive and active in their conversations. It doesn't matter the topic, it's the simple fact to have someone to listen.

I really enjoyed reading about Noah and Tommy. The two seamlessly fell into a friendship that led to lust which then led to more. The epilogue was sweet and made me happy to see them doing so well down the line. I must admit, I'm excited Tommy's bestie and roommate Holden is next. I knew his arguing with a certain jock was more than it appeared. I especially like that said jock apparently identifies as straight. Give me enemies to lovers any day and I'm a happy reader. Pair it with nerd/jock and a possible bi awakening? I'll be there will bells on.

Rating: 4 Stars

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