#TeaserTuesday: Nerdy Talk by Joelle Lynne

Today's Teaser Tuesday is a little sneak peek of Joelle Lynne's next release, Nerdy Talk.  I happen to be enthralled with currently and ready to get back into as soon as I get all my bloggy work done... Nerdy Talk releases on Thursday and will be available in paperback and e-book and part of Kindle Unlimited!

From the blurb:

Two nerds - One Lab

Who will come out on top!

For the last several years I haven’t felt very confident, my ex made sure of that. Working in a medical lab can make it easy to hide. When my flirty new coworker bursts onto the scene, he's the distraction I don't need. I'm content to come in and do my job, but he's determined to insert himself into my life. He’s exhausting, yet funny, and makes me feel wanted. Am I ready to feel attractive again?


I moved here for my sister and my family. When Thalia got sick, she became my world. I knew I’d do anything to take care of her, even taking a job outside of my comfort zone. When I meet Micah and we almost share a night of passion, I’m convinced meaningless hookups are no longer what I want. The problem is convincing him to want the same. There’s something about him that I want to protect. My dirty lab puns and nerdy talk might drive him a little crazy, but I’m determined to win him over.

Nerdy Talk is an Opposites Attract, Nerd/Playboy romance with lots of laboratory references and a nosy well-meaning best friend. It’s Nerdy, it’s deep, it’s sexy and extra sweet.

The Excerpt:

“Stop running from me,” I pushed between gritted teeth. This was ridiculous. He didn’t have to be my friend. That was fine. But I wasn’t about to let someone who was obviously going through something suffer alone. I’d done enough of that with Thalia. 

“I’m not running. I don’t want to talk.” His voice remained level, but the way that his shoulders raised to his ears betrayed his discomfort and irritation. I knew I was pushing my luck. I knew it.

“Something is wrong, and you don’t want to tell me. Fine. I’m not your friend. I’m just some guy you almost fucked around with at a club. It doesn’t change the fact that I care. What’s happening?”

I wasn’t expecting him to get up. The way he pushed me into the lockers and held me to them took me by surprise. For a guy that was shorter than me, he was a little intimidating when he got angry. He stared up at me, his forearm pressed into my chest. “Stop pushing me.”

Pre-order your copy of Nerdy Talk today!  I'll tell you I really loved the pre-work together meet cute and I'm still at the slow burn stage in the book, but it has me hooked!