Stolen Token (Divine Envoys, #1) by Felix J. Léon

Nicole was delighted with Stolen Token, saying "what a fantastic first outing for Felix J. Leon!!!  The world-building was such a cool twist on divine intervention."

From the blurb:

Thibault's life is good. He has friends, family, and a hopeless crush on the most brilliant guy in class. At least he thought so until he meets Osten, the fabulous Allegory—a divine envoy walking the Earth on behalf of the gods—who opens up a whole new life to him. One that could be so much more than he'd once believed.

However, Osten needs help—the kind that could either ruin Thibault's career or let corruption spread to the city. He is at a crossroads: continue living his suddenly monotonous life, or plunge feet first into a world of glitter and mirrors that he does not yet understand. 

Nicole's Review:

I really loved that he didn't change everything about Earth, we got name drops of current and past artists and celebrities, cities and locations in France and Europe.  It makes for a perfect novella length story that wasn't overly complicated with information dumping.  

Our MC and main POV comes from Thibault, who is a dedicated man.  Dedicated to his family.  Dedicated to his schoolwork.  Dedicated to his Virtues.  

It was so enjoyable to see how Osten was able to seamlessly blend into his life, even though the Arts and Performance held no draw for him.  

Osten was sooooo much fun, and the literal life of the party!  I will admit I had a very hard time picturing how he looked, but I didn't love him any less for it.  

They made for an interesting pair, and worked well together to overcome the corruption in the city.  I will add if you're not into monster/nonhuman relations, this probably isn't for you.  

I loved Stolen Token, and will eagerly wait for more in this series!

Rating: 5 Stars