Rescued by the Ranger (His Blue Collar Man) by Shiloh Swift

Laora advises us to expect both temperamental weather and men in Rescued by the Ranger

From the blurb:

Ray is a man who knows what he wants…and he wants Tommy.

The storm of the century will bring them together and strike up a love that will last forever. But only if these two men are willing to open up their hearts while braving floodwaters.

Protective. Bold. Passionate. Forest ranger.

A cowboy’s spirit in the body of a mountain man. Ray spends his days guarding his native Kentucky’s wilderness and his nights patrolling the local gay bar. He’s at home in the woods and at ease with his interest in other men, but Ray has never found the right younger man to share his life with. Not until he meets Tommy.

Loner. Stubborn. Broken. Former soldier.

A combat veteran haunted by the shots he took overseas. Tommy came back from the war with his body intact, but his mind cracked. And his heart in pieces. Unable to adjust to civilian life, he’s taken to camping to escape a world that’s too bright, too loud, and too…tempting. Tommy would rather spend his life alone than risk falling for another man.

But as Tommy finds himself the target of larger than life Ranger Ray’s advances, he struggles not to ask and tell this older man his secrets – both the dark and dirty ones…

Rescued by the Ranger is an instalove age gap romance. This is quick and steamy read featuring a possessive forest ranger, a grumpy camper, a lovable dog in distress, a heart-pounding rescue, and a swoon-worthy first time in a cabin. Ends with a HEA. No cheating or cliffhangers! Part of the His Blue Collar Man series. Each book and is a standalone and may be read in any order.

Laora's Review:

This was indeed an instalove/ attraction fairly short story.

For me there is enough description in about and over Tommy,  I would have loved to had gotten more insight into Ray. 

I loved how Sparky played his part.

To me this was an uncomplicated quick read with a damaged soul who is finding his way back to being whole with the help of his lover/ partner.

Rating: 4 Stars

Rescued by the Ranger is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription