Our Shellfish Desires by K.L. Hiers (Sucker for Love Mysteries #6)

Jacqueleen says "All the banter and brooding and tentacles make for a hilarious series that can still bring out the feels" and she and Jacquie review the latest addition to the Sucker for Love Mysteries series, Our Shellfish Desires below:

From the blurb:

People talk about the marriage of true minds, but Alexander doesn’t think this is what they meant.

After a cruel experiment binds him to the soul of Rota, an old god, Alexander has one mission: find Rota’s body. Having a godly boyfriend is great, but it would be better to have one that he could actually touch. Unfortunately, even Alexander’s ability to command Rota’s divine power hasn’t helped.

A rare book of poetry may finally provide the answer. The expertise they need translating it brings them to Oleander Logue, a young man with plenty of problems that seem at odds with his cheerful nature. Ollie is happy to help, but he’s in trouble with a gangster who demands that Alexander and Rota solve a series of murders first.

Desperate, Alexander and Rota accept the case… but it’s not that simple. The gangster’s threats to Ollie’s safety disturb them both, but is that because they’re both growing more attracted to Ollie… or because he’s a potential host for Rota? If they can’t solve these murders, they may never find out.

Jacquie's Review:

Our Shellfish Desires continues an overarching plot and therefore, needs to be read as part of the series.

I've been looking forward to this one. Alexander and Rota captured my attention when we first met them. I felt so sorry for the pair, sharing the same body and unable to be with each other properly. Their love is very sweet when Alexander, generally, isn't.

The addition of Ollie is fantastic. Yes this is MMM. I loved his character and quirks and he was the perfect foil to Alexander's grumpy ways.

There's a decent amount of steam with tentacles being out to good use. The story is really building and pieces of the jigsaw being put into place.

Looking forward to the next one 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacqueleen's Review:

I will never tire of this series. It's just so much fun.

All the banter and brooding and tentacles make for a hilarious series that can still bring out the feels. I loved being able to glimpse behind the facade so to speak in Alexanders head. He had been through an unspeakable horror and deserved all the happiness in the world. Hes had Rota in his life for so long and their love was so strong and powerful. Then came Ollie. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he makes up for it with his kind nature and sweet gestures. I adored him.

The dynamic between the 3 of them took some time to figure out. Alexander had always only had Rota. He didn't trust easily and he was wary of his growing feelings reguarding Ollie. Ollie was so patient with him and it helped that Rota was such a calming presence and upfront with his feelings for Ollie as well. It was nice to see Ollie being cared about after everything with his ex, Ted.

The murder mystery portion of the story has made some headway, but is certainly not over yet. This one ends on a HFN ending with a glimpse into the next book which appears to once again feature Sloane and Loch. You wont hear me complaining about more of them ever. To top it off the sneak peak ends on its very own mini cliffhanger which has me already dying for what's next

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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