One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: An M/M Romance by Cyd Sidney

Ballet instructor Brandon is leaving soon for New York, but when he has an unexpected connection with composer Joshua, he can't put his plans on hold. Will their short time together be enough for Joshua to take a risk to be with Brandon?

A stuffy composer meets a flirty ballet dancer. Can these opposites make music together, or will their dreams pull them apart? This is a sweet and steamy MM romance set against the sun-soaked hills of Los Angeles.


I should be applying for grad school. Or looking for a job. Anything to get out of my awful rut. But instead, I'm obsessing about the dancer I hooked up with at the ballet studio. Who would have thought a gig playing the piano would lead to the hottest sex of my life? Before we got down to it, I think I promised to help out on a dance concert he's producing. I was in such a lust haze I barely remember. He'd better text soon. I wonder if he's still interested in seeing me in a *very* unprofessional capacity.


I can barely focus on the upcoming dance concert or my move to New York. I'm thinking about that cute pianist instead. Did I tell him I'm moving? Things happened so fast between us I can't remember. I've never had an experience like that where I was totally unraveled by a stranger. If I wasn't about to move across the country, I would definitely want to go another round. But I'm leaving, so no more hot domination games with Joshua. I've got to keep things professional and not fixate on the way his elegant fingers moved across my body.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back is the first book in the Ballet Boys series. Each book is a standalone, but for maximum enjoyment, I suggest starting with book one.

SNik's Review:

Novella in series (Ballet Boys). Quick read. Light BDSM. 

Joshua wants to be a composer, but is struggling to find his direction and recover after his father’s death and a recent bad break up that leaves him floundering. When Joshua is hired as a temporary pianist to accompany ballet rehearsals, he has an unexpected heated hookup with Brandon, a ballet dancer and instructor. 

As Brandon and Joshua work on an upcoming performance they also explore a new D/s relationship. But Brandon is soon departing for New York, and Joshua knows there is a time limit to their relationship, so communicating feelings takes a back seat to fear of feeling too much. 

There is more background for Joshua’s motivations, and this certainly could have been a longer story if delving into both men’s histories, but given it is a novella it still showcases both men’s insecurities and quick feelings. 

Overall some steamy interactions between likable characters and the pull of “what could be” if they take the risk to be together as they work towards their HEA.

Rating: 4 Stars

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription