Much Ado About Lady MacBeth by Rebecca Cohen

Having read Rebecca Cohen's contemporary novels that feature the Earl of Crofton, I took a chance on reading one of her historical stories, Much Ado About Lady MacBeth,..

From the blurb:

Jacob Milner might have the face of an angel and the legs of a sinner, but his poisonous tongue would taint even the prettiest visage.
A Shakespearean era enemies to lovers MM Romance

David Bell has risen from the London slums to be one of the up-and-coming stars of the King’s Men, the company of players at the Globe theatre. On the cusp of being too old for female roles, he yearns to play one more part before he leaves the skirts behind: Lady Macbeth. But he is not alone in that desire, and his nemesis, Jacob Milner, a soft-bellied popinjay who has never known day’s work in his life, is also vying for the part.
Sparks have flown between them before, but the fiery barbs and risqué name calling are hiding a different passion. But even if they do manage to put their animosity behind them, Jacob has another problem, his father is trying to marry him off to the daughter of Baron Runcorn.

Heather's Review:

I love a good enemies to lovers story and Much Ado About Lady MacBeth is a great one!  Enemies and rivals who are forced to see each other and interact day after day as actors in London's Globe Theatre during Shakespearean times, we find them acting out and verbally sparring with each other until they're forced to confront their anger at one another... 

and then the heat ramps up... and the sparks ignite... and we're there for it!

I love the banter, the romance and of course the Shakespeare references.. and it's making me want to go back and read Rebecca Cohen's other historical books... (see heaving TBR pile shake).  If you're looking for a great historical mm romance set somewhere other than the regency, you'll enjoy Much Ado About Lady MacBeth.

Rating: 5 Stars

Much Ado About Lady MacBeth is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription