Hugh: Single Dads of Gaynor Beach by Gabbi Grey

Hugh is a story of instant attraction with a slow, emotional build to a HEA. 

From the blurb:


Having spent more than twenty years as an emergency medicine physician in war zones around the world, I barely have a home to speak of. A daughter I didn’t know about has died and left a child behind, so I must get to Gaynor Beach, California to claim my granddaughter. Her temporary guardian is the first man to spark my interest in a very long time, but it would be inappropriate for me to have a relationship with this much-younger man.


Gutted by my best friend’s death, I take solace in the daughter she left in my guardianship. I’ll protect this precious baby with all I have, and no one is going to take her away from me—least of all the man who turns up on our doorstep claiming to be her grandfather. Despite the resemblance, I plan to keep him at arm’s length. I’m going to show him how capable I am. But I might also lose my heart in the process.

Heather's Review:

Whilst Hugh is a romance, it focuses on so much more as Hugh and Oscar build their relationship one step at a time through the book... meeting under difficult circumstances and building trust one step at a time... 

This book is more than a slow burn, it's a truly slow build and features the characters learning to communicate with each other first as strangers, then quasi-roommates, friends and then fianc├ęs before they even start to consider a physical relationship...  On top of that, the instant family needs also play heavily into the storyline...

It was a great read, but not exactly what I expected when I picked up the book... if you're looking for a sweet romance with a slow build to a definite HEA and strong family vibes than Hugh is the right book for you.

Hugh is part of a shared world multi-author series called Single Dads of Gaynor Beach and does have some characters from previous books in the story but it can be read standalone if you'd like

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Hugh was a great read! 

Hugh is a doctor that has been living and working in conflict zones. He finds out he has a daughter he never knew about. 

Oscar has guardianship of Hugh's daughter. Hugh ends up staying with Oscar and Marilee, Hugh's daughter. 

The story has a slow build up, not rushed, felt authentic. Overall, a great read! Well written.

Rating: 4 Stars



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