Forbidden Mafia Prince (The Malvagio Duet #1) by Brooke Blaine, Ella Frank

"I'm not your boyfriend. This isn't a romance. Now fucking suck it." Forbidden Mafia Prince.

From the blurb:

“What are you going to do with me?”
“Whatever the hell I want.”

In Manhattan, tensions are rising.

In a play for power, the Rossetti family has made a decisive blow, crippling their rivals—an act that has forced the Fiores to make a desperate move to maintain their supremacy.

Many miles away, Luca Davis, a young medical student, has no idea his life is about to change.
No idea that everything he’s been told about his life has been a lie.
Enter Domenico Rossetti, the ruthless Mafia prince. Powerful and unforgiving, he’s a savage in a suit—and the one who holds the cards when it comes to his new captive.

But when the war escalates and both are forced into seclusion, the two men are faced with a new threat: the rising sexual tension between them.
You don’t fall for the one person you’re supposed to hate, but it’s a temptation neither can resist.
Because falling in love with the enemy isn’t only wrong—it’s forbidden.
And the cost for defying everyone will be their lives.

Forbidden Mafia Prince is the first book in USA Today Bestselling Authors Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank's M/M mafia romance duet.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Holy fuck...if you're looking for this duos usual fare of steam and feels you are not going to find it here. This was darker and more gritty. Just the start of a forbidden lust that builds in intensity until it finally explodes into some hot AF hate sex. The ironic part is the hate is directed internally for both of the MCs. Luca for giving himself to the man who kidnapped him and stole him from the only life he's ever known. Dom for lusting after the enemy. It doesn't matter Luca spent his life having no idea who he was, Dom knows. The enemy blood line runs in his veins. Luca is the linchpin in the plan he's been working on for years. Dom doesn't have space for sympathy in his life, and damn sure not for Luca.

Forbidden Mafia Prince started out pretty fast paced. The middle gave us a small break on the adrenaline while both Dom and Luca had been ordered to be sequestered for safety reasons. It was a smart move on the authors part, lulling us readers into a sense of security, much like Luca. Then came the ending which comes at us full force and leaves us with a cliffhanger that had me on the edge of my seat. I almost knew it was coming, but I thought it would have a difference outcome at the last minute. I was wrong. But the last few words of the book have me already ripe with anticipation for the next. If there's one thing I know after reading Forbidden Mafia Prince, it's that Dom isn't a man to be fucked with and those who have won't live long to regret it...

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Forbidden Mafia Prince is the first book in a duet called The Malvagio Duet. 

Luca is happy being a med student. He is kidnapped by Dom, the second in command to Vincenzo Rossetti, a Manhattan crime lord. 

They end up trapped together in the penthouse of a high-rise casino. I freakin loved this story!! Luca and Dom had so much insane chemistry, explosive. I loved the banter and tension between them!! 

The only thing I didn’t like was the cliffhanger, although I was warned if it. 

Overall, fantastic! I cannot wait for the next one. Well written with great pacing that kept me engaged!

Rating: 5 Stars

Forbidden Mafia Prince is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription