Dirty Job (Dirty Deeds #2) by T.A. Moore

Dirty Job - cleaning up a double murder - no problem, maybe. Getting further involved with a crime boss hook up could be more trouble - probably. Working together to survive another day - definitely.

From the blurb:

All Grade Pulaski wanted was a quiet life, a few low-profile murders to clean up after, and his hometown in the rear view as he headed back to LA. Simple, attainable goals. All he had to do was keep his nose down and everyone else’s hands clean...as far as the law was concerned...and he’d been able to show Sweeny his heels sooner rather than later.

Problem was that Grade’s ‘thing’ with local mob boss Clay Traynor—currently somewhere between a one-night stand and a bad idea—was a lot of things, but it wasn’t quiet or simple.

For example, Judge Charity Parker was the last person in Sweeny who needed to know Grade’s name. Yet here he was in her basement after midnight, cleaning up a mess that could derail a couple of political careers in one fell swoop. All because Clay owed Judge Parker a favor... or three.

Grade should have known better than to go along with it. Amateurs always made a job messy, and politicians didn’t have a grateful bone in their bodies. Now the only chance he had of seeing LA again meant he had to break his professional code of conduct.

He needed to get his client caught..

SNik's Review:

Dirty Job is the second in series (Dirty Deeds),and must be read in order due to continuing characters and overarching storyline. Established couple. Quick read. Soft cliffhanger.

Freelance cleaner Grade doesn’t want to do the double murder clean up job he was just offered, but he’s still trying to earn enough money to get out of his small hometown and back to LA.

Clay’s juggling the small town criminal enterprises of Sweeny, while trying to maintain bigger mafia ties and hooking up with Grade, which may all end up in a huge conflict.

The constant tension and action of Grade and Clay manipulating crime scenes and trying to survive their business dealings was a really fun ride. I really enjoyed every moment that Grade and Clay spent together (while not really communicating), both the steamy times and being very attached and trusting with each other.

This series has me hooked with an interesting story arc and some entertaining side characters and above all wondering what will happen with Grade and Clay over time to see if they get an HEA.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Dirty Job is the second story in the Dirty Deeds series. I didn’t read the first book and I wasn’t lost at all although I’ll probably go back and read that one.

Dirty Job is fantastic!! I couldn’t put it down once I started it. Grade and Clay are so funny at times, their great together. Grade just wants to return to Los Angeles, but he’s stuck taking on jobs for Ezra and Clay. He has to be creative on how he takes care of the clean ups.

There’s suspense along with twists and turns and just plain crazy antics, but overall this was a fantastic read that is well written and seriously hard to put down!

Rating: 5 Stars

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