Classic Dilemma by Jeris Jean (Coleridge Cliffs #3)

Classic Dilemma is a quintessential brother's best friend story, with a delicious dynamic and the added tension that Ian and Ash's brother Ben work together....

From the blurb:

I know better than to fall for my best friend's brother...


Making a move on Ash would be the worst thing I could do. And I can’t risk it. The list of reasons we can't be together is a mile long, the least of which is that he's my best friend's brother. There's also the fact that he'd probably never be into me that way. Oh, and even if he was, there's the small detail that I've been hiding a part of myself from him - a pretty significant part.

But then I look at Ash, and I know that he’s the one. The only one for me.


I’ve lived with my hopeless crush on Ian for years, knowing full well he’d never see me that way. After all, as far as everyone in town’s concerned, I’m not to be taken seriously anywhere besides the basketball court. And Ian's so...perfect. I have about as much chance with him as going pro after college.

But sometimes, when I’m alone with Ian, I feel…something between us. Like maybe I’m not entirely crazy to want more.

Contents include: epic-level longing, steamy stolen moments, light D/s elements, and a swoony HEA.

Heather's Review:

I've been waiting for Ian and Ash's story since we met them... they've been circling each other's orbits since they met and the tension was getting stronger... and it was worth the wait!  Classic Dilemma has all the longing, the angst, the unintentional brother interference and then you add in a D/s element in the bedroom and this book becomes a classic re-read!

I've loved the whole Coleridge Cliffs series, but this one is my favourite!  It's the perfect blend of sweet, heat, slow burn, swoon and empowerment.  If you love a brother's best friend trope as much as I do, then send Classic Dilemma to the top of your tbr list!  It can be read standalone, but I suggest that you'll also enjoy the first two books in the series and may want to start there... 

Rating: 5 Stars

Classic Dilemma is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription