City of Blood (Godstone Saga #6) by Jocelynn Drake

City of Blood is the finale to an epic series. An adventure filled story with memorable characters that are fiercely loyal and deeply in love. This is a fantastic series that I'm sad is over.

From the blurb:

The Final Confrontation

Caelan is done being a pawn of the gods.

He’s been herded and molded by the liars and manipulators.

He’s put the lives of his family in danger again and again.

And he is done.

It’s time to face the mad Goddess of the Hunt in the last place any of them want to go—the Ordas.

If they’re lucky, the special assistance he’s called in will arrive in time.

But no matter what, Caelan will protect his family…at any cost.

City of Blood is the sixth and final book of the Godstone Saga series and is not a standalone. The fantasy with a modern twist contains danger, secrets, broken gods, desperate kisses, dragons, possessive boyfriends, magic, lots of delicious angst, and one last round of a deadly game.

SNik's Review:

Sixth and final in the series (The Godstone Saga), must be read in order as this is a continuing storyline and characters. Fantasy adventure. Multiple POV’s. 

Starting right where the last book left us, after his run in with the God of Wisdom Caelan has to continue the final leg of his journey towards the confrontation with the Goddess of the Hunt. 

The author writes all the expected action, camaraderie, loyalty, friendship and love in this story, right up to the final conclusion/battle. Jocelynn Drake has written an epic story with memorable characters that have deep relationships with their partners and their found family members. 

Maybe the wrap up was too quick for me as I could have read another 100 pages about Caelan, Drayce, Eno, Rayne, Adrian and Haru and their individual HEA’s. 

Enjoyed every minute of this book and I will miss these characters (although there is a hint to a series spin off which softens the blow slightly). Highly recommend this series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

City of Blood is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription