Black & White (The Perdition Club #2) by Ruby Moone

“Dear God, we were meant to be together! Black and White — or perhaps more correctly, White and Black!“

From the blurb:

Welcome to The Perdition Club, where rules are meant to be broken.

Jasper Black is fiercely proud of Perdition, the gaming hell he co-owns. It’s reputation for deep play, free-spirited hedonism, and discretion grows daily, and the life suits him perfectly. No relationships, no commitments, and no strings. Just pure, unadulterated pleasure. When he finds a gorgeous, red-haired young man roaming the corridors of Perdition, clearly the worse for wear, he is delighted to discover a kindred spirit. His name is Alexander White, so it’s clear they were made for each other. Both want no-strings, no-commitment pleasure, so it’s all clear. Black and White, in fact! Then Jasper discovers what White is wearing beneath his well-fitted gentlemen’s garments and he is drawn into a world of hedonism he never knew he needed.

Alexander White’s life is … complicated. He needs money. The quickest way to improve his finances is at the gaming tables and The Perdition Club is the perfect place to play. He has no time for commitments or relationships, but he most definitely has needs. Finding the right man to meet those needs can be difficult, but in Jasper Black he finds exactly the man to appreciate his desires and someone who doesn’t want commitment either. It's the perfect arrangement. What could possibly go wrong?

As the reality of Alexander’s life intrudes and past hurts surface, they are determined to keep to the arrangement and enjoy the best, most sensual experience of their lives. When everything seems about to collapse around them, do either of them have the courage to say what is in their hearts and grasp a chance at love?

An opposites-attract, found family, MM Regency romance filled with love, laughter, lace, and Gooseberry Jam that will plunge you into the passion and hedonism that is the Perdition Club, and headlong into the glorious chaos that is a Black and White family!

Ms Aimers Review:

In Black and White by Ruby Moone, Jasper Black and Alexander White are a classic example of love sneaking in when you least expect it and even when you try to fight it. Both men are only looking for a good time. It’s the minutiae of everyday life that allows love to creep in. 

I loved the way Ruby developed Black and White along with the supporting cast of characters. I felt the rush of what they thought might be a one night stand, the heartbreak of the events that bring them closer, and the fear they feel when they realize they’ve unintentionally fallen in love. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say they get their happily ever after, but their journey is worth the read!

Rating: 5 Stars

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