Audio Review: Red Wolf Thrall (Heron Hall) by Amy Bellows Narrated by: Lance West

Love who you love, Red Wolf Thrall is strong on omega's who love omega's.

From the blurb:

The red wolf thrall brings grown men to their knees.

All it takes is one look from an omega red wolf shifter, and men mistakenly believe they have found their fated mate. Kings have been dethroned, businessmen have lost fortunes, and heartless murderers have fallen helplessly in love under the curse of the thrall.

Kai knows his feelings for Noah, a handsome red wolf shifter, may be nothing but pheromones and magic. But what is love, if not magic? 

Kai’s going after him anyway….

Red Wolf Thrall is a contemporary shifter romance set in the world of Heron Manor. It includes knotting, MPreg, and a love story between two omegas. A shorter version of this book was previously published as When Two Omegas Dance.

Laora's Review:

Lance West is quickly becoming one of my go to narrators.  He did this wonderful story justice. 🎧 5*
I read the original shorter story When Two Omegas Dance and enjoyed the extension about Noah his dad and Noah his boss and friend. 

I love that the author always creates and expands on her wonderful creative paranormal world  with  various interspecies relations, shifters who love who they love, mpreg and little ones. I always find nods and links to 'our universe' a.k.a. real world.📚 4*

Overall 4.5*

Red Wolf Thrall is currently available as an e-book and Audiobook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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