Audio Review: Just Enough, Enough Series, Book 2 By: B. Harmony Narrated by: Dan Levy

Just Enough has a wonderful dynamic when the men dare to open up Laora says.

From the blurb:

A Dom and a Rigger walk into a bar….

Sounds like the start of a good joke, but for Cody and me, it's grounds for friendship and nothing more. 

Anything else would require acknowledging the barriers between us and the desires we keep hidden. 

Invisible scars of war meet impenetrable walls of distrust. An impasse neither of us knows how to overcome until a newbie walks through the doors of The Garden. 

Oakley finds himself in need of rescuing and a fair amount of guidance, a challenge Cody and I are willing to accept. But once we begin, it's clear there is more between us than just lessons. 

Emotions are building, walls are crumbling, and the three of us are all scrambling for purchase in a dynamic we never expected to find. 

Will the three of us be able to find happiness together, or will we be forced to accept our lives as Just Enough?

Laora's Review:

Audiobook review:

Dan Levy is a new to me narrator. I enjoyed his narration of this book. I recently read the book, and I found his narration fitting and felt natural for the book. It was a very pleasant and hot listen which I recommend.

Harmony wrote a book with wonderful characters Aaron & Cody are Doms who have become friends in the precious year since their best friends got together Enough book 1: More than Enough.
When they go for their weekly Sunday breakfast, they have Oakley as their usual server. I liked  that he took that job as a side job to be around people at his parents' insistence.

The characters all have layers and are well developed and where easy enough to sympathize with or relate to. I found the support and compassion they showed to one another, be it when ill, in a scene or their daily life wonderfully done.

There is an attraction and pull between both Aaron and Cody, but it is complicated in their minds. Oakley is just the person who brings them all together as a couple, and they all as an MMM/ polyamory BDSM kink relationship together.

Just Enough is the second book in the series but can be read a standalone.

Beware of the triggers mentioned by the author before reading.

Rating: Overall: 5, book 5 and narration 4,5

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