Audio Review: Adore (On My Knees #2) by Ella James, narrated by Iggy Toma and Aiden Snow

Adore is a captivating second addition to the famous “On My Knees” trilogy. The emotions captured within this beautifully narrated with mesmerizing voice narrators, this author will capture your emotions throughout its entirety. .  

From the blurb:

The heartrending conclusion to the On My Knees Duet, a forbidden MM romance by USA Today best seller Ella James....

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For years, I've kept his secret. When he called, I answered. When he needed, I gave. 

Then he went dark. 

I tracked him on Instagram - like his 16 million other followers. When being on the planet with him, separated by his secrets, felt like torture, I moved on. But Luke McDowell wouldn't let me go. 

He says he doesn't want me, but we both know that won't hold. 

By the end of our story, he'll have taken everything. 

The question is, what will he give?

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

I am at a loss for words with the thickening storyline and all the intensity of emotions felt through these words!! The dual narrations by Iggy Toma and Aiden Snow once again brought life to an already extraordinary story!  Their voices just fit, causing the listener to become emotionally invested, especially during those fierce and unexpected moments, followed by so much drama and melodrama. But, that ending!! I am so excited for their future together, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple!! 

I’m still searching for whoever is the voice of Luke, their deep, gravely voice is so hypnotizing, sending chills throughout my body. But, Vance’s narrator complimented his partner perfectly, an amazing collaboration of characters, with exactly what audiobooks are supposed to be made with. I am so excited while also being a little discouraged that this perfection is slowly coming to an end. I need to know their story, but I don’t want to let these two go 😭

Rating: 5 Stars

Adore is currently available as an audiobook, audio CD, e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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