Nearly Human (Marked #1) by Meredith Spies

' The sour-bad-wrong stench of the strange were. The murderer' Nearly Human.

From the blurb:

My day started with three werewolves in line ahead of me at the deli, and it went downhill from there.
Coming home to small town Texas wasn't exactly on my to-do list after medical school but here I am, sitting pretty in my new role as Doctor Landry Babin, medical examiner, no longer Landry, that weird Babin kid.


There's two werewolf victims in my office and Ethan Stone, the new sheriff, in my waiting room.

The new sheriff who is also my high school boyfriend. And, oh yeah, a werewolf too.

There's someone experimenting on weres and humans alike, and I'm pretty sure I'm on their list of potential lab rats.

Whoever it is, they know that I'm not entirely human.

This novel began as a novella called Wolf's Mark and has been significantly expanded and contains new material.

Nearly Human is NON-A/B/O and does not contain mpreg.

Laora's Review:

I think they have a nice start to the 'Marked' series at hand. I am excited to see where the storyline is going and what will happen with the others they find.

Partly through I lost interest a bit, because the story became a bit less clear for me. But after passing that part, I was back into the story with a vengeance. Now I have to wait to find out more. Ethan and Landry did get their second chance and are together (for now?) at the end of the book and getting to grips with all that transpired in this short period of time in their lives. For me this is a fairly low heat book, but that fitted the storyline.

I really did like Nearly Human because 'the bad persons' are a good mix of just plain old evil and some misguided persons. 

Rating: 4 Stars