April Renegade by BG Wolfe

April Renegade is an emotional rollercoaster and a love song wrapped up in the pages of a book...  

From the blurb:

Ash Lancing
I've been enchanted by him ever since I first heard his laugh--before I saw his face, before we talked, before--everything. He saved me when I needed saving the most, but I'm about to ruin it all. I don't know how to keep the pieces of my world intact otherwise.

Drew Dawson
I think I've been in love with Ash since we met on that chilly night in April, almost ten years ago. I'd do anything for him. Have done everything for him. But I don't know how much longer I can tear myself apart as I wait for him. I don't know if I'll survive it.


According to Ash Lancing's fans, he has it all. He is the lead singer for a popular punk rock band, he's got a literal model for a girlfriend, a beautiful loft in NYC, and through the past ten years, he's had his best friend, Drew Dawson by his side through it all. But Ash doesn't really have it all. Because the one thing he desires, he can only have in the shadows and behind closed doors, and the exhaustive secrecy is no one's fault but his own.

Drew Dawson is nothing but supportive of his best-friend; they grew from boys to men together and formed the band that has given them more than they could have dreamed of. But his best-friend can't give him the one thing he needs to keep going, and that might just be his breaking point.

April Renegade is a coming of age and MM romance novel that follows the story of two young men coming to terms with their true selves over the span of a decade. In this steamy, rock 'n roll romance, tag along as two people form a relationship forged by fate. **This book is not recommended to readers under the age of 18.

Heather's Review:

You know you're going to be put through it all when you love, hate and empathize with a character all in the same moment... and that's Ash in a nutshell...  I don't always love a book that moves from present to past, but BG Wolfe makes this one work and also changes POV from Ash to Drew, giving us a look inside both of their heads and upping the angst factor...

April Renegade is not a fluffy Rock Star romance, it's emo, it's steamy, it's a best friends to lovers tale ten years in the making...  and it's an amazing read... but keep kleenex box handy while you do... 

Rating: 5 Stars