To Protect, To Love, To Command (The Protector, #1) by Blake Ellis Paige

"What a fun smutty romp! I went into this with low expectations for the plot (I was forewarned by the author of at least 49% scenes), and was pleasantly surprised." Nicole on To Protect, To Love, To Command.

From the blurb:

Thayne, Protector of the Realm, is accustomed to a lonely life
defending the land from invading armies and marauding beasts. It’s the vibrant, handsome minstrel Finn who suddenly started tagging along that he finds hard to deal with. When Finn gets them invited to a mysterious party, the night takes the first of many unexpected turns as they discover exactly what kind of party it is. And Thayne was certainly not expecting to have to fight monsters and discover that he has feelings for Finn at the same time. A quiet, sultry servant has also been admiring them from afar, and an abundance of steamy, kinky M/M/M daddy dom fun ensues when he joins them. Turns out Thayne has a filthy mouth, and he’s quite happy to use it to command the both of them.

Nicole's Review:

Thayne the Protector of the Realm leads a lonely life traveling to fight monsters.  He picks up minstrel Finn during his journeys and the become friendly travel companions. 

We get two battle scenes, and some chemistry buildup between Thayne and Finn before jumping into any sort of romance. 

I have read other reviews stating that this is Witcher fanfic. I am in the minority I think as I have not read or watched the show. I enjoyed this and did not find it hard to follow with no knowledge of that world as some claimed. 

After becoming involved Thayne and Finn invite a friend to join them is some HOT and HEAVY MMM scenes.  

I adored Pavel the most I think. He was so eager to serve, and I loved that for this dynamic.  I really enjoyed this novella and will definitely keep up with the series!

Rating: 4 Stars

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