The Quarterback Keeper by Rheland Richmond and Emerson Beckett


A new writing duo has emerged and their first offering, The Quarterback Keeper, is sweet, steamy, a little angsty and very well written!

From the blurb:


I'm the starting quarterback for the Portland Pirates, and I have a thing for my son's teacher. Except I didn't know the cute blond on the beach with the giant dog was, in fact, my kid's teacher until two months later at Open House.

Christian took my breath away during the second week of my two-week vacation at the beach and introduced me to things I never knew could feel so good and be so right. I think he just might be the one who inspires me to tell the world that this NFL quarterback is bisexual and in love with a man.

That is until I blew the best thing to happen to me since my kids were born. All I know is I have to get him back. I had to find a way to keep him.


I never imagined I would meet the love of my life while being bowled over on the beach by the overeager Newfoundland I was dog-sitting. But that's exactly how I ended up on my back in the sand, wrapped in his arms and pressed into the sand by the six-foot-five dark-haired Adonis on the beach. Did I mention he had two beautiful children?

Our week together was worthy of a sexy modern-day fairytale full of promises about the future until he sent me the text that broke my heart. And how was I supposed to get over him when his adorable six-year-old son was in my class?

Find out how Alex and Christian ache to overcome some daunting complications to reunite in The Quarterback Keeper, Book One of The Package Deal Series.

Tags: First Time Gay; Single Dad; Bisexual Experience; Sports Romance; Football Player and the Teacher

Heather's Review:

One of the things I love is a book that doesn't wait until 80% to introduce the crisis... and The Quarterback Keeper is one of those books... you get the meet-cute, the instant connection, some promises and then the crisis... and the rest of the book is the story of rebuilding their initial connection... and I loved it!

Both Alex and Christian are well written and relatable characters and it was great to see them overcome the obstacles they had.. 

I am also glad that this book is the start of a series, because I'm already invested in Aiden and Marcus' HEA and can't wait for book 2!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Quarterback Keeper is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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