Rules, Schmules! (Fast Break #1) by Becca Seymour



Rules Schmules! features a sassy, mascara wearing twink and a closeted basketball player. The story hooked me, left me smiling for days!

From the Blurb:

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The first Zone Defense series spin-off with a rule-following basketball player and an unimpressed twink who thinks rules are made to be obliterated.

It’s not my milkshake that brings Kieran Kendall to my yard. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit my milkshake. But I also like to think it’s my dazzling personality and my magical… uhm… you get the idea.

Since meeting Kieran, my first, second, and admittedly third impressions of him have changed radically. Not surprising, since he was a prize D during at least two of those encounters. What I should be doing is running from the college basketball star who checks so many of my dream-guy boxes. But do you know how hard it is to find a hot guy who’s as smart as he is talented?

And I’m not just talking about his talent on the basketball court. Heck no.

It’s easy to get distracted by him, because of him, yet as far as he’s concerned, I’m the one who’s a distraction and throwing his carefully constructed plans out of whack.

I should be sorry. I should also be better at guarding my heart.

But Kieran Kendall is under my skin, and getting him to break his rules is far too much fun.

Rules Schmules! is an 82k stand-alone MM romance featuring characters first introduced in No Take Backs. It contains ridiculous antics by college basketball players, a basketball mascot who likes to twerk, and lots of sweet and sexy times.

Janet's Review:

Rules Schmules! Is the first book in the Fast Break series. If they sound familiar it’s because we met them in No Take Back. Dean is out and proud, he transfers to Atlanta to be close to his family. Kieran is not, but he is out to his family and teammates. Kieran has rules that intends to stick to, he doesn’t intend to be the first out and proud in pro basketball. He also fears that it will destroy his chance of becoming pro. I seriously adored Dean, his sass and snark! This was sooo freakin good! Steamy and low angst, serious chemistry! Dean and Kieran were fantastic together! This kept me hooked and it didn’t let me go until the end, left me smiling! Overall, this was a really fantastic story!! It was really well written, the pacing flowed nicely, highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sarah C's Review:

Rules Schmules! is the hilarious and heartwarming love story of Kiernan and Dean. Kiernan is a mostly closeted college basketball star - I say mostly because his friends and family know but he has no intentions of letting the world at large know. He wants to go into the League (think NBA but without the Copyright fee) after he finishes university and he knows that the world of sports can be pretty homophobic. Dean, on the other hand, is an out and proud gay man, a self-identified twink, and so full of confidence and backbone that even the big basketball stars in this book cower at his glare.

In other words, perfect opposites.

Perfect opposites that get off to a terrible start when one of Kiernan's friends spill a drink on Dean at a party. Dean bares his teeth - verbally - and Kiernan is completely and utterly enamored. But he has his rules that he lives by - rules that dictate everything for him in order to get him into the League - and Dean is in direct violation of basically every single one. So of course, because this is book world, they get assigned a group project and have to get to know one another. Which leads fairly quickly to hooking up.

This book spans the course of a year, chronicling the highs and lows of their relationship - from friendship to more - and its wonderful. There are quite a few time jumps in it, but it doesn't feel like there's anything important being glossed over or like anything is being particularly rushed. Instead, it gives the book a certain flash of realism, because the timeline makes so much sense to the decisions being made.

Not only are Dean and Kiernan amazing characters with amazing chemistry, Seymour introduces a host of hilarious side characters. The one that stands out the most is Tyron, Kiernan's roommate and best friend who is fiercely protective and probably a little annoying to his friends. I personally found him absolutely amazing in every way and hope that we get to see him more in this series, even if he doesn't get a book of his own... but honestly, fingers crossed that he gets a book of his own. The rest of Kiernan's roommates play a good part in the story, but none of them are quite as memorable as Ty, though Sammy comes close with his dangerous alcohol concoctions. Combined though, they give a cute found family and unconditional love and friendship vibe to the story that makes me absolutely weak.

Rules Schmules! is a dual POV 1st person narrative story with good heat and moderately low angst. It had me laughing out loud at multiple times and has me itching to read more of Becca Seymour's work. So all in all, a strong book that I would highly recommend.

Also side note: distinct character voices can be really hard in first person, but Becca Seymour really mastered it here. I could definitely tell the POV switches, even if I didn't see the name at the beginning of each chapter.

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

This was a fun good contemporary mm read with very likeable characters. Kieran is a semi closeted college basketball player with brains who falls for Dean a English lit student who is out and proud.
They hit if of after working together on a course. Their relationship develops believable and they have to make choices and decide if and how they want to stay together in the sports world and college.

This is the first book in the new sport mm romance series  'Fast Break' by Becca Seymour. I really enjoyed the writing style there is enough snark and wittiness to make it an enticing read that I could not put down before I reached the end.

Rating: 4 Stars


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