Sinclaire Silver by Rien Nadie, C.J. Twining

Sinclair-Silver is about a vampire who was a mob enforcer and his human lover. "Great world building." - Janet.

From the blurb:

Ten years ago, the vampire mob enforcer ‘Kid Midnight’ retired. Patrick was glad to hang up his suit and find a new life with the family that chose him. All he wants now is to live his life, run his bar, and keep his best friend from getting himself killed by hooking up with the wrong vampire. Nevermind that sometimes he finds himself wishing it was him that Zach was hooking up with. Maybe a lot more often than he should.

Six years after crash landing at Patrick's bar in the supernatural neighborhood of Chicago, Zach is working to build a life he can call his own. He's almost finished a degree he doesn't hate, he has a steady stream of vampire hook-ups, and friends that are better than anything he could have hoped for. Still, there are downsides to most of your friends being much older immortals. Zach knows they have secrets he's not entitled to, but it would be nice not to feel like they were talking over his head like a child in a room of adults. After a one night stand turns life-threatening disaster, those secrets start to boil up and send his life into a tail spin.

Both are finding that there are some things you just can’t walk away from, no matter how hard you try. When the supernatural crime boss of Chicago threatens Patrick's hard won peace, he has to make a choice- go back in, or burn it all down. Can he protect Zach from the shadows of his violent life, or will their burgeoning romance put Zach in the crosshairs of a new conflict brewing just under the surface?

This MM, friends-to-lovers, paranormal romance is a high heat, rough around the edges romp through a supernatural Chicago underworld. You can expect snarky friends, cuddle puddles, kinky, spicy love scenes, disaster gays, all of the hurt/comfort, and a happily-for-now.

Note: Sinclair-Silver is the first book in the Shadows of Chicago trilogy and part of the larger world of Shadows' Nocturne. It is meant to be read first in the series.

Janet's Review:

Sinclair-Silver is a mafia, vampire/human romance with great world building. 

Patrick is a vampire who was once a mob enforcer. He left that life behind and is happy running his bar. 

Zach is a human that spends his time with Patrick at the bar. When Paddy is called back to the mob, he has no choice but to go. 

Patrick and Zach have a complicated friendship. Zach likes his vampire hook ups and Patrick puts up with it as his friend but secretly pins for him. 

Once the two men get together there is a lot of spicy steam! Dare I say this, a little bit too much. The story is really good, it does hook you into it. Patrick and Zach have quite a menagerie of friends, witch, shifters, vampires, etc. The secondary characters are colorful and a true found family. They’re close knit and will do anything for one another. 

Overall, a great read, well written with a lot of smexy times! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sinclair-Silver is currently available in e-book, Hardcover and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription