The Beautiful Moment by Kristoffer Gair

Janet calls The Beautiful Moment "a well written story."

From the blurb:

The decade from hell.

First, Wesley Traylor lost his father and grandmother, then COVID took his mother. His sole remaining family member will stop at nothing to steal his inheritance. In desperation, Wesley escapes to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where no one knows him and he can exist without fear of his uncle’s brutality.

Circumstances force Wesley to the emergency room and face to face with the beguiling Dr. Clark Matsuda. The last thing Wesley needs—between dealing with strange occurrences at his new house and emergency surgery—is a doctor who’s made it his personal mission to get to know Wesley.

Destiny offers the possibility of love and, for Wesley, the one thing that has eluded him his entire life: a beautiful moment.

Janet's Review:

The Beautiful Moment was my first time reading anything by this author. I really enjoyed the story he had to tell us!

Wesley has been through so much in his life. I wanted to hug him for all the crap that his uncle put him through. When he loses the last of his family that loves him unconditionally, he decides to move away but it must be kept quiet so that his greedy uncle does find him. 

When he has an unplanned emergency place him in the hospital in the path of Dr. Clark Matsuda. Clark is interested in Wesley and wants to get to know the prickly man. I really enjoyed their dynamic!

 Overall, this was really good, well written with great pacing!

Rating: 5 Stars