Protection (Mobsters + Billionaires Book 2) by Kelly Fox

SNik says, "Protection is sofa-king good!  Kelly Fox brings the steam when a deadly, protective bodyguard falls for a witty tech genius. Truly entertaining book addition to the Mobsters + Billionaires series."

From the blurb:

I wait for the signal at crosswalks. I pay my taxes on time. And, despite my association with a
certain Mafia family, I run a clean business providing security for Manhattan's wealthy elite.

I don't break the law.

Dr. Madhuban Laghari—Mads—is my newest protectee and my biggest problem. He fights his security protocols at every turn and makes me question all of my carefully crafted rules. Especially the one about not falling for the world's most adorable billionaire.

Every time we go back and forth, I fall a little harder.

More dangerous than our sexy banter is the fact that the threats against him are starting to escalate.

He doesn't want to face the reality that he's got a stalker tracking his every move, not to mention the Russian government trying to steal his technology. The closer we get, the more I know I'll do anything to protect him.

If his enemies dare to put a hand on my billionaire, they'll discover how Mafia I can get.


Protection is a cameo-filled, globetrotting romance that features a reluctant mobster, a billionaire with questionable taste in fashion, and a found family made entirely of morally gray do-gooders.

The books in this series are stand-alones, and the HEA is always guaranteed. #murderswoon

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Mobsters + Billionaires), best if read in order due to the continuing cast of characters. Close proximity. POC representation (which is not uncommon for this author and much appreciated). Dual POV. 

Take one petite, witty tech genius billionaire in his favorite orange puffer jacket and mix with one tall and deadly security/law conscious consigliere/bodyguard and you get fun and steamy interactions galore. 

Introduced by their shared group of friends, Mads and Anthony have been attracted to each other for a while, but it’s not until Mads needs full time protection from a stalker that they become closer and start to build their romantic relationship. 

I enjoyed every single moment Mads and Anthony were together, having coffee/tea, learning/teaching defensive skills, traveling and sightseeing, and of course the off the charts steamy scenes. 

This story has romance, humor, action, loyal friends, cameos, swoony declarations, no power disparity, and it has to be mentioned again: some super steamy interactions. 

Fantastic read, loved the characters, great addition to this must read series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reds Book Reads Review:

Protection is just as fantastic as the first in this series. Mads has a stalker and is resisting harsher security measures. Anthony owns a security firm and is determined to keep Mads safe, at any cost. 

I adored how strong and protective Anthony was and how principled he was - despite his second role working for Luca. Mads is just so upbeat and cheerful and I can almost see him bouncing about with joy. 

This story is so engaging and you can’t help but fall for the two men and their desire to protect each other. Mads absolute faith in Anthony is just beautiful. 

This series is absolutely going from strength to strength and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Protection had it all... some angst, some snark, some sweet, some steam, some miscommunication, some good communication...  it also dealt with the morally gray areas really well, but know that there are trigger warnings for violence and more...

I appreciated how strong each character was and how well defined their ethics were... and how that made the slow burn build to their relationship exquisite...

I really want Hopper's story, but I also want Ford and Luca's story... and I need Ryder & Olga's story... and... so many great side characters who need their HEA...

Rating: 5 Stars

Protection is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription