Nothing Special - Casey Cox

An oblivious writer that doesn't realize his best friend has been in love with him forever, until he needs help writing that very same trope and his best friend is more than willing to show him that best friends can make a romance.

From the Nothing Special blurb:

They don't write romance novels about guys like me…

Trust me, I know. Crafting swoon-worthy happily ever afters is literally my day job. Being a quirky introvert with an overactive imagination, underwhelming social skills, and a few pounds overweight, I'm no leading man.

My best friend, though? He's total cover model, call the plumber because I just flooded my basement material. He's also outgoing, charismatic, free-spirited, and basically the best guy ever.

I may know romance, but I'm no dummy when it comes to reality. I'm nothing special. And the truth is, a guy like Darren would never fall for someone like me.

I'm the poster child for failure to launch. Twenty-seven, didn't make it in Hollywood, forced to slump my sorry self back home to Australia with my tail in between my legs.

The only bright spot in my life is nabbing the apartment next door to my best friend, Benji. He's like no one I've ever met. Genuine. Sensitive. Nurturing. A talented author. An amazing cook. So freaking handsome. And yeah…I am so stupidly in love with him it's not even funny.

When Benji needs some inspiration to clear his writer's block, I gladly help out. He wants to write a friends-to-lovers romance, and hello, I'm his best friend. This should be a cinch. It's not as if he's suddenly going to fall in love with me. I'm nothing special. And the fact is, a guy like Benji could do so much better than someone like me.

Nothing Special is a stand-alone best-friends-to-lovers MM romance with two lovable (yet totally clueless) besties, gray yoga pants hotness, sweet midnight walks, an apartment block filled with nosy neighbors, and one swoonariffic (and oh so special) happily ever after!

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Best friends to lovers. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Romance writer Benji and aspiring actor Darren have been friends for 10 years, but Darren’s never told Benji that he has been in love with him since the first night they met. 

Darren has given up hopes of being an actor, returning home and offering to be Benji’s muse since Benji has writer’s block and who else but his best friend can help with ideas on how an oblivious friend could finally fall in love with the friend that has loved him secretly for ages. 

There is no angst in the slow build of friendship to a romantic relationship, but both Benji and Darren have insecurities and past guilt and trauma that are still affecting their lives that they have to overcome. 

Both Benji and Darren are sweet, supportive and caring and their every interaction is filled with love from friendship to more. 

Nothing Special did have some swoony scenes, and some funny and realistic moments as well.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

This was a sweet best friends to lovers romance with a great hook - a romance writer who is blocked while writing a book about best friends to lovers, but the ongoing trauma that one of the characters was dealing with made this book a little bit hard for me to read... it was teased throughout the book and hit me in a strange way... 

I really do love Benji and Darren and I love the idea of life imitating art or vice versa, so this book hit so many right notes for me.  I really appreciated the epilogue and where the book took their HEA...

I kind of wish Nothing Special wasn't a standalone book because I'd love to see more of these characters in their relationship in the future...

Rating 4 Stars

Nothing Special is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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