Love at First Sighting (Destination Daddies Season Two) by Chloe Gray

'I never met  a little who was so calm and quiet, Charlie was special.' - Emerson, Love at First Sighting.

From the blurb:

Love can be found in the most unexpected places.

Charlie is on the verge of burnout from working three jobs while taking care of his newborn daughter. The single father desperately needs some down time to let out his inner, adventure-loving little. Fortunately, Cuffed is there to save the day. The popular dating app is offering lucky winners a free, week-long vacation to the beautiful Smokey Mountains. A week with like-minded adults in a private bed and breakfast? A free vacation to search for forest gnomes, fairy rings, and the Appalachian Bigfoot? Charlie is all in. He doesn’t need love, but he sure needs a break.

Emerson loves living and working in the Smokey Mountains. His job as a park ranger keeps him surrounded by nature and isolated from the rest of the world. Except for the bane of his existence - tourists. Emerson can tell that one in particular is going to be trouble. How many dates can the mystery man realistically lose in the woods? How many times can the man sprain an ankle? And there are only so many situations where someone can mistake a bear for Bigfoot, right?

Love at First Sighting is part of the Destination Daddies Season Two multi-author series. It features a grumpy park ranger, an overly excited boy who loves adventures, and a guaranteed HEA. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many destinations and Daddies to discover, why not grab them all

Laora's Review:

Light and fluffy with very, very little drama just what I needed and expected from the blurb. What I liked is that Charlie, a little, was no 'run off the mill' little but a busy hardworking 3 job juggling single dad who is run down and just needs a holiday to be able to play. I liked how his two friends went totally overboard to create a lovely place for his daughter Georgie in their home.

Emerson is a ranger and son of the lodge owners. He and his dog Pippin are just right for Charlie, especially after finding him in the forest. Their dynamic and needs seem  to be really complementary to one another.  I loved how the age play scenes are written, it seems so true. After a misunderstanding, they do find their hea.

Rating: 5 Stars

Love at First Sighting is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription