Class of 2021/22 Giveaway - I Touch Hoses by Bix Barrow


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Heather Read I Touch Hoses by Bix Barrow

From the blurb:

What happens when smoking hot retired rock star finally decides to step out of the closet and take a walk on the bi side?

I have no idea. I tanked our date before I could find out.

Romance is the last thing on my mind; I’m too twisted up dealing with the fallout from my last job. Jake Lord, womanizing rock god with a d**k of legendary proportions, isn’t even on my radar. But here on the ranch where we’ve both come to work through our issues, he’s just Wesley, a slightly awkward 50-something who adopts stray kittens. And I’m just Keson, an accidentally eavesdropping gardener who’s slowly realizing avoidance isn’t the best way to deal with my failures. Wesley would never wait around for someone like me to get my head on straight.

Would he?

Heather's Review:

The author throws a lot at you in the first chapter... and I had to read it twice to figure out who was who... but once I did that I was hooked!

I Touch Hoses was a veritable minefield of miscommunications and apologies.. from Wesley accidently propositioning his hosts, to miscommunications with Keson, it was a really fun read.  Don't get me wrong, Bix Barrow also gave us emotion and depth, which was great to see in a novella.  This was definitely a fun and worthwhile read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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