Class 21/22 Giveaway: Am I Pretty Daddy, (A Beau Ties Novel) by Freesia Woodley

The Class 21/22 Giveaway on Prolific Works is offering 20 FREE stories from authors that have published for the first time in either 2021 or 2022.
Each of these 20k or fewer novellas are able to be read as a standalone, but you might find a new author that you love and want to check out their backlist!
Our review team is checking out a few of them and letting you know their thoughts. The link to the giveaway will be below.

Jacquie read Am I Pretty Daddy.

From the blurb:

Am I Pretty Daddy is an accompaniment to my first novel Marry Me, Daddy. 

Dallas is wanting to explore his femme side separate from his Little side and surprise Liam while he's at it. 

Enlisting the help of his friend, Lance, Dallas goes on a small journey of self-discovery. 

Meanwhile, Liam has no idea what his boy has been up to but it is sure to be a sexy surprise.

Jacquie's Review:

❤️‍🔥🔥🔥🔥 Short, sweet and spicy.

Perfect for those who like a little daddy kink and boys that appreciate satin and lace with Dallas getting all pretty for his daddy.

I've not read anything from this author before, but after this I plan to. This short entertained me and I liked the flow of the writing.

Works absolutely as a standalone, although these characters have their own book I didn't feel like I was missing out by not reading that first, though now I want to go back and read it. 

It was a spicy little story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The event is over, but Freesia is still offering free bookfunnel downloads of Am I Pretty, Daddy by clicking on this link: