The Warlock’s Werewolf: M/M Gay Fantasy Romance (Warlock's Fated Mate) by J.B Black

Angel said that she wished that The Warlock's Werewolf was longer, "I loved this story that much!!"

From the blurb:

Once bitten, twice shy — this werewolf might miss his chance at love!

Levi isn’t the average werewolf. Unlike most, he found a job in the city and hasn’t been back to see his pack since college. Closing in on thirty, Levi gave up on love and magic long ago. His wolf barely registers anymore.

Not that Levi minds. While many werewolves find their partners on mating runs, his wolf senses led him straight into a hunter’s trap.

If he can’t trust his nose, then how is he supposed to find his soulmate?

Naiche treats his mortal life as a joke. He’s young. Most warlocks live centuries, so if faking a normal life makes his mortal father happy, then Naiche is more than happy to play pretend. After all, his father is all he has after his witch mother died due to a hunter attack.

However, no matter how normal he pretends to be, this warlock can’t pretend he doesn’t recognize a werewolf — especially one so determined to play pretend too!

Can these two pretenders find love? Or will Levi’s fears and a determined huntsman get in the way?

The Warlock's Werewolf is a gay m/m mpreg fantasy romance that includes fated mates, no cheating, grumpy/sunshine dynamic, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

Angel's Review:

I loved The Warlock's Werewolf! I'll just start off with that, despite this being so short the characters were really fleshed out and detailed. So was th e background description, everything was really great. I fell in love with this story, it has shifters, mages, sorcerers, sorceresses, mages that can shift into a fox, and so much more. I really hope that the author will turn this into a series with more characters and more shifters. 

This is another new-to-me author and I'm really interested in reading more books written by them! I recommend this to anyone who wants a quick romantic read with fated mates and magical babies. Now like I said this is a very quick read, so my only critique is I wish it was longer!!! 

Overall a 5 out 5 star book.

Laora's Review:

At the start of the book I was sceptic to the how and what, but shortly after I was into the story wholehearted.

Warlocks, shifters, magic users and lets not forget the huntsmen.

This is a well crafted and worked story with great world building and especially the main characters are well rounded. Well done.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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