YBBB - Test Me (Extracurricular Activities #0.5) - Neve Wilder

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From the blurb:

I have no sympathy for slackers like Josh Pickett, who think that just because they’re athletes they can skate by and leave the academic heavy-lifting to nerds like me. Nope. Not one ounce of sympathy. So when I’m assigned to tutor him, I tell him flat out I’m not gonna go easy on him. I won’t be swayed by his ridiculously sexy dimpled smile. Or that he actually shows up and puts in the work. Bringing me my favorite burger every time? Inconsequential. And I’m totally gonna ignore the fact that he recently came out as bi. Because a guy like him and a guy like me would never work. Right? **This is a standalone short, spicy-sweet story of 17k with a HFN ending.**

Jacquie's Review:

As always with the author's novellas, I was left wanting more.

I quickly became invested in the characters, they were so lovely.

More sweet than spicy compared to the other Extracurricular Activities books but satisfying nonetheless. I'd love to see them again but failing that, I'll just do a re-read! It made me want to go back and do a re-read of the whole series.

Rating: 4 Stars

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