YBBB - Stealing the Show by Lucy Lennox

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From the blurb:

The kiss is different every night. When the curtain goes up, their silent war between Jem and Dawson ends just long enough for their characters to wow the audience with a passionate embrace. As soon as they take their bows, the two Broadway actors go their separate ways. But one night, everything changes. The audience catches wind of the chemistry between them and the crowds go wild. Show management books them into a media blitz where the two of them have to present a united front and spend even more long hours together. When they have time to talk, the reasons for their war begin to unravel and the chemistry between them sparks hot enough to leap off the stage and into their real lives.

Sheena's Review:

This is the perfect short story.  It's a standalone although set loosely in the world of Lucy Lennox's books, but these are brand new characters and there are only cameo appearances if you know what to look for.

Jem and Dawson are actors in the same play, and each night it calls for them to kiss, and it's different each night.  Both think the other hates him, and the only time they spend together is during the play.

There's some pining and some real chemistry between the two at the start.  Due to a misunderstanding, there's some initial bad feeling between the two but that gets cleared up when they have to spend more time with each other and once that hurdle is gone, it's full steam ahead for these two.  There's a sub-plot with Jem's sister that serves to drive the two closer and overall it's a sweet story of two people coming together.

I really liked this, it was a fun read and the ending was great with the cameos from the author's other series, Marians, Wildes and Aster Valley was a nice easter egg for regular Lucy readers.

Rating: 4 Stars

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