#YBBB: Rushed: Christopher by Sloane Kennedy

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From the blurb:

It’s been four years since I rescued young Christopher from what would have been a violent assault, and while I haven’t seen the now twenty-two-year-old since then, he’s never been far from my thoughts. But he's barely even a shell of who he used to be and I want to know why.

He was once my knight in shining armor but now he's the threat. I've spent years hiding the truth from my family and I can't let Rush's reappearance change that. Not yet. But how do I tell him he can't save me this time? That no one can...

Janet's Review:


It will instantly hook you and bring right into the world of The Four series written by Sloan Kennedy.

King and Rush check in on Christopher, Gio’s best friend and realize something is more wrong than they anticipated. The journey to love for Rush and Christopher is not an easy one. The scenes are descriptive and realistic. Their connection and chemistry are wonderful but also heartfelt and then heartbreaking, you’re not sure how it’s going to end due to something unexpected. 

Christopher felt so realistic, I could feel his pain and anxiety. I loved how Rush would do anything for Christopher. The secondary characters are fantastic. The story was well written with that perfect pacing, kept me glued to the pages. Highly recommend!  

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