YBBB - Guardian Angel in Leather by K.A. Merikan


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From the Blurb:

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El. Punk. Bag of trouble. Trig’s first love.
Trig. Outlaw biker. Killer. El’s only hope.

El has reached the end of the line. Indebted to a cartel and unable to pay, he’d sooner die than be tortured. There’s no one he can ask for help. He’s burned all bridges and trusts nobody. His life is a well of regrets and he can spot the biggest one just as he’s about to die, because it has a face and a name.

His old flame appears out of nowhere and saves him.
His old flame who left him to join a biker gang.
His old flame who shouldn’t even know where El lives.

But Trig knows exactly where El lives and what he’s been up to, because Trig never gave up on him. He was told to stay away, so he respected El’s wishes. Kind of. Almost. Not exactly.

Trig’s been keeping watch from the shadows, but he’s done with that.

This time, he’s not letting El go.

Themes: outlaw biker gang, protector, found family, second chances
Genre: Scorching hot M/M romance, romantic suspense
Length: ~38,000 words (Standalone)
WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, mentions of past abuse, offensive language and morally ambiguous characters.

Sarah C's Review

I like second chance romances. I like angst. I like darker romances. In theory, this book should have hit all of my buttons.

Unfortunately, characters are a big part of what will make or break a story for me. Even though I deeply enjoy the tropes in this book, I couldn't get over the fact that I genuinely just did not like one of the MCs in this book. Every time I was in an El chapter, I found myself wanting to do anything else, because the character annoyed me.

I did like Trig though and I found myself curious about some of the side characters. Those characters, along with the general plot and the fact that the book was incredibly well-written, kept me from DNF-ing the book. But El's character definitely made it lose some stars.

This book is a quick read, filled with a lot of good steam, but please heed the trigger warnings - including attempted suicide, violence, organized crime, and mentions of torture.

If you're looking for a quick dark MC romance involving second chances, this would be a good choice. Its currently free as part of the YBBB giveaway. 

Rating: 4 Stars