Salt and Lime by BL Maxwell


With the release of Salt & Lime on Audiobook, I thought it would be a fun afternoon re-read since it's on sale everywhere for $0.99 until May 20th!

From the blurb:

Sal Hutton books a trip to CancĂșn on a whim. Needing some time off from work, he sees an opportunity to go and takes it—alone. After a red-eye flight and full of excitement for what he might experience over the next week, he strikes up a conversation with the handsome taxi driver who gives him a ride to his hotel, and hopes their paths cross again. 

Derrik Green came to CancĂșn for a vacation, and two years later is still here, after falling in love with the city and its people. He’s working as a taxi driver and is happier than ever. After dropping off the man named Sal, he can’t stop thinking about him, and hopes that eventually he’ll call, even if it’s just to hire him for a ride or private tour. 

Soon their wish comes true and they’re spending time together, enjoying all the sights and adventures Cancun has to offer. Sal and Derrik weren’t looking for love, but maybe they were meant to meet here, half a world away from their regular lives, and right in the middle of a tropical paradise. 

With so many people behind them, they might just get their happily ever after under starry nights and surrounded by the beautiful blue Caribbean.

Heather's Review:

Salt & Lime is a fabulous quick read with a vacation meet cute, some sightseeing and an instant connection... Sal and Derrik are sweet, steamy and so much fun together...

This is a perfect read to take to the beach or when you need some fun, light reading that has it all... it will make you fall in love with Salt & Lime and definitely make you crave a vacation in Mexico...

Rating 5 Stars

Salt & Lime can be found on Amazon and can be read as part of Kindle Unlimited and the audio is available in wide release at these retailers:


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