Review: Blank Page (Bound by Words 2) by AJ Graham

Head and Heart. The Bound by Words series returns in the follow up novella Blank Page

From the blurb:

Galvin and Spike, two struggling writers, have been dating for a while now. 

The attraction -- a
connection of minds and bodies -- has only gotten stronger. As they push boundaries in the bedroom, exploring darker and more intense fantasies, the two men wrestle their own demons and insecurities… both professional and personal.

Publisher’s Note: Please be advised that this novella contains BDSM themes and content that may trigger some readers.

Laora's Review:

Blank Page is book two in a series, which I somehow did not fully realize so I might have missed some of the plotline.

This book literally says it all in the blurb, exploration and self discovery. This was a bdsm kink laced novella with a bit of heart and a bit more heat.

Rating: 4 Stars