Between the Lines by Meredith Spies

And for decades, I’ve been trying to find out how they all fit together.

From the Between The Lines blurb:

Breaking News!

Reporter Wendell McCandless Jr is returning home to Dumbarton, Texas to cover the annual Alameda Family Thanksgiving Picnic and Baseball Tournament. But rumor has it that’s not all he’s after.

Letters belonging to the late Joseph Alameda were found at Wendell McCandless Senior's junk shop, and they may hold clues to solving a century-old mystery—the disappearance of Joseph Alameda and Martin Bright!

Two men vanished without a trace.

Both families involved believing the other was to blame.

Gossip in town is that Wendell won’t be delving into the matter alone. Davis Alameda is determined to clear his family name by helping to unravel the mystery. Readers, you may remember that sparks flew between the two young men before they both left town a few years back. Can they put their resentments from the past aside and find the answers they seek? Or are we about to see a fireworks display that will put a Dumbarton July fourth celebration to shame?

Laora's Review: 

Between The Lines was one of those books I had to get back to, even if I just had a few minutes to read. 

In my opinion the author delivered a book I would like to come back to for a reread and recommend.

The contemporary and historical storyline are beautifully intertwined. The contemporary mc's Davis and Wendell find their way (back) to each other and have to make choices what to do next. For the historical storyline; My heart ached and rejoiced for Martin and Joseph their story.

Rating: 5 Stars