Buff and Shine by Morgan Noel and R. Phoenix

Buff and Shine is different from any R. Phoenix story I've ever read, in the sweetest possible way... 

From the blurb:

Brain surgeons and naked maids don’t go together… Or do they?

Cleaning in the buff is an easy way to double or even triple his housekeeping earnings, but when Milo Ricci runs into trouble with a client, he doesn’t have many options on who to turn to. When one of his clients offers to give him more hours to cook for him, too, he immediately agrees.

Minor problem? Milo doesn’t know how to cook. Another minor — major — problem is that brilliant, neurodivergent Giovanni Duval has no idea what to actually do with a naked maid in his house.

Between Milo’s fruitless attempts at seduction and Giovanni’s asexuality, it seems like a disaster in the making. But maybe a few toys and a cute little bunny tail can turn the tide in Milo’s favor…

Heather's Review:

I wanted to write a longer review, but it would contain spoilers... and I really want you to experience Buff and Shine without any of those, so:

I love so much about this book... from Milo's moral compass to Giovanni's rational views of the world... Buff and Shine was about more than becoming involved with each other - it was about learning your partner to be the best partner for them... 

It sucked me in and I read it cover to cover this morning... if you're looking for a different take on what a romance should be and you've got an open mind, I bet you'll love Buff and Shine as much as I did!  

Buff and Shine is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription