Series Release Blitz Week 1: All American Boy Multi-author Series!


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Welcome to the All American Boy Series

Are you ready to set sail with these hot new boys from the All American Boy Series?

The All American Boy Series is proud to deliver 9 new MM romance books in the shared world experience you’ve come to know and love. All books are standalone novellas with some cross-over elements.

Join us for Gay Romances from Shane K. Morton, BL Maxwell, Kris Jacen, David Michael, Layla Dorine, Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy, Miski Harris, TL Travis, Elle Keaton

Week One's releases include:

The Boy is Mine by Shane K. Morton releasing April 5th

Green Eyed Boy by BL Maxwell releasing April 6th

Sailor Boy by Kris Jacen releasing April 7th

Boy on the Horizon by David Michael releasing April 8th


The Boy is Mine by Shane K. Morton

The Boy Is Mine Shane Morton

Releasing April 5th

When Devon Daniels reluctantly came home to Stoney Brook, Maine for the summer, he had no plans for romance. He wants to explore the world, and the thought of being trapped in his small hometown is depressing. But then he runs into an old enemy on the softball field, who flips his summer upside down. Why is Owen pursuing him and being overly sweet? What does this straight man want with him? Even if he has turned into the most handsome man in town, there's no way he could ever forgive Owen for what he's done.

Owen Thompson used to make Devon's life hell in high school. But after four years away at college in Los Angeles, he realized what was important to him - his beautiful small town and a life that he could be proud of. When he sees Devon playing third base for the other team, he can't take his eyes off him. Feelings he never felt before are all he can think about. How do you tell someone who hates you, that you might be falling in love with them? Hey there's a first time for everything...

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Green Eyed Boy by BL Maxwell

Green Eyed Boy BL Maxwell

Releasing April 6th

After quitting his job, Billie Watts hits all the food festivals he can as he drives across the country. When he finally reaches Stoney Brook, Maine, he’s excited to find he’s there just in time to try one of the lobster rolls he’s heard so much about. The bright neon yellow food truck with a giant red lobster on top looks like the perfect place to try it.

Lance Karl is as ready as he can be for the start of the three-day Tall Ships Festival and hopes to sell enough lobster rolls out of his food truck to make a good start towards owning a restaurant. The day begins cold and misty, and a text from his nephew saying he can’t help him is not the perfect start he’d hoped for.

When a green-eyed stranger interrupts his frantic morning, Lance doesn’t realize meeting Billie will not only change his day, but maybe even the rest of his life. Two strangers, drawn together over their work ethic, and sealing the deal over delicious lobster rolls. They could just be the perfect match. A small-town MM Vacation romance.

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Sailor Boy by Kris Jacen

Sailor Boy Kris Jacen

Releasing April 7th

Jeremy Riley fell in love with sailing when he was a troubled teen and sent away to camp for the summer. Now he’s sailing for a living. Getting a bachelors in vessel operations was the best thing that he could’ve done. Most of the year, he’s on the ship helping with hands-on education for the New England Maritime Academy.

The bright spot in Kendall Winters’ life is his daughter, three-year-old Savannah. How his sister had deserted Savy when she was diagnosed with cancer and needed her the most boggled his mind. Her loss was his gain — and there was no way he was ever giving Savy back to her. Now if he could find someone to share Savy’s highs and lows with, that would be amazing.

A summer trip to the Tall Ship Festival to get away from his parents and let Savy explore ‘boats’ seems like the best idea. Sun and sea for him and Savy sounded perfect to him. Add in a gorgeous sailor with eyes that sparked with mirth? Sign him up.

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Boy on the Horizon by David Michael

Boy On The Horizon David Michael

Releasing April 8th

It's the summer before his final year in college and Jacob Franklin Wolcott III is spending his time in Stoney Brook, Maine, a picturesque lobster town on the coast whose biggest claim to fame is the annual Tallship Festival.

The son of an oil magnate and top of his class, he doesn't need to work—especially not as a bartender and dock hand—but he does need the few months away from all of the expectation and pressure, an escape that Stoney Brook grants him every year.

That escape gets complicated when William Waters sails over the horizon and swaggers his way into town for the Tallship Festival.

A travel blogger sailing the world on an inherited schooner, this tall, tanned, and handsome hunk is about to rock Jacob's boat and knock his carefully charted plans off course.

Is this Boy on the Horizon Jacob's anchor in a safe harbor, or is he bound to be the storm he can't weather?

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Join us next week for more
All American Boy Series releases

Devin’s Boys by Layla Dorine releasing April 11th

Pretty Boy by Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy releasing April 12th

Boy Overboard by Miski Harris releasing April 13th

Summer Boy by TL Travis releasing April 14th

Not a Boy by Elle Keaton releasing April 15th

Week 2 Coming Soon MM

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