Novel Affair by Ava Olsen

Two writers, one love, in this opposites attract tale, Novel Ava Olsen

From the blurb:

It started as a novel affair…

Ryker Desoumas is a science-fiction novelist living in New York City. A former crime reporter with a secret trauma, he prefers to work—and live—alone.

Wes Stewart is a celebrity author from Toronto. After years of writing self-help books, he’s looking for something exciting to rekindle his passion for the craft.

When Ryker’s publisher pitches a collaboration between the two men, Wes is all for it. Ryker, on the other hand, resists and fears that Wes will turn his quiet world upside down. But Wes is sexy and charismatic, and Ryker can't help being drawn to him. A tentative professional partnership becomes something much more personal.

But Wes has been burned by love in the past, and Ryker isn't sure he's ready to let someone into his heart. Will they find happiness together?

…it could be the love of a lifetime.

Heather of NotGuiltyofBooks Review:

Novel Affair is a strong story with two really great characters. I love older characters (mid 30s) and I'm also a big fan of the grumpy introvert and the outgoing extrovert.  You always know there will be fun banter.  Ryker and Wes don’t disappoint.  Ryker wants to hate the happy writer and socialite, but he finds himself unable to resist the charming man.  Wes, on the other hand, is immediately drawn to the moody and standoffish writer.  They both have sworn off dating, but they just can’t seem to resist the pull of the other.

I loved their chemistry, and I really appreciated that their bond was stronger than the outside drama.  There is also a whole host of wonderful secondary characters that are well developed and will draw you in and make you want to read their stories next.

I would have loved to see a bit more of them working together on their project, the back and forth, pushing each other. But in the end it was a sweet story and I’m committed to reading the next books. 

Rating: 4 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

Novel Affair is a great debut novel by a new author. I thought the writing and storyline were great and the characters were wonderful. There is instant chemistry between the two main characters and it's instant fire. Low angst, quick read, went from one night to insta-love quickly, very steamy. I loved the information with all the other characters setting it up for future books, which I hope to read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

I loved the premise of Novel Affair, two writers brought together to collaborate on a book series by their publisher, with grumpy/sunshine vibes and some past hurts to deal with... immediate chemistry but no plans for romance...

Novel Affair was a quick, fun read, but I found myself wanting more in relation to their writing collaboration, more in their relationship building and more in their interactions when they were together... this book moves fast, has good steam and makes me want to see what happens in book two.

Rating: 4 Stars

SNik's Review:

First in series (NY Nights). Dual POV. Opposites attract. Insta-love. Famous writer Ryker is happy with his solitary life, sharing his space with his family and only a few close friends, his writing and volunteering at the local pet shelter is enough. When his friend and publisher suggests he collaborate with another writer, one that thrives in the spotlight, Ryker immediately says no, until he meets Wes. One look at Ryker and Wes is beyond tempted, he wants this new writing project badly, and perhaps the writing partner even more as Ryker busts through his writing block and the idea of never being in another relationship becomes untenable as all he wants is to spend time with Ryker. This is a cute story that quickly ramps up to a serious relationship. Both the self-proclaimed grump Ryker and the social Wes are likable and very much invested in each other and commit to an exclusive relationship while trying to navigate how to manage their careers and long-distance relationship. Some steamy scenes, with a supportive secondary cast which are mostly as a ramp up to become future couples in this new series by debut author Ava Olsen, this was a quick and enjoyable read.

Rating: 4 Stars