Never have I Evan (Games We Play #1) by DJ Jamison

Evan is hopeless at flirting - he has no idea how to flirt and has no idea when someone is flirting with him. Because of this he is still a virgin. Dawson got injured, destroying his college football career and throwing his life into a tailspin.

From the Never Have I Evan blurb:

Never Have I Ev... Wait, what was the question again?!

What happens when an ill-advised party game makes it obvious I've still got my V-card?

Embarrassment. A lot of embarrassment.

Especially when the sexy, older guy at the party who witnessed the whole thing turns out to be someone I'll have to work with to realize my dreams.

It's going to be so awkward for both us.

Or awesome...if his protective nature and flirty attempts to teach me how to date lead where I'd like. But how likely is that to happen? I'm not known as the sweet, naive one among for my friends for nothing.

I'm probably imagining those looks he throws my way. Probably projecting my own want onto his expression.

But...what if I'm not?

Never Have I Evan is a cute, low-angst M/M romance with an inexperienced, shy tech geek, an assistant football coach who oozes confidence, a town full of quirky, nosy residents, and sexual awakening and discovery themes!

Reds Book Reads Review:

I absolutely fell in love with Evan. He’s just so sweet and adorable. I love how Dawson slowly made him take time from himself rather than running himself into the ground helping everyone else. Dawson was so conflicted and I loved how he worked through his issues and developed as a person. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Never Have I Evan was an adorable, low angst New Adult read that had me from the first page to the last... Two young men who are working hard to create the future they want for themselves along with learning more about themselves in every chapter... in a story that has everything you want in a NA romance - first times, sexual awakening, fun and just a little bit of angst...  

This book is also a great start to the new series, giving us tantalizing glimpses into the future by including tidbits and easter eggs from so many side characters who I know will have books in the future!   If you're looking for a sweet, fun read with just the right amount of sexy times, than you should definitely add Never Have I Evan to your TBR!

Rating: 5 Stars

Amy_tbs' Review:

D J Jamison brings us a cutesy fun book with a great title hook. 

Never Have I Evan had so many of my favourite tropes! Experienced/inexperienced Jock/nerd, Bi/pan-awakening, friends-lovers, new beginnings and nosy residents in this small town romance.

Our main character Evan is a virgin who has crafted an app designed to connect students with their peers and provide a place where they can seek help for their studies. Evan works too hard and always has some task on the go. His friends make him go to a party in the efforts to loosen him up! What starts as an innocent game of 'Never have I ever' quickly out's Evan as a virgin, what's worse is his earlier meeting with a handsome stranger Bears witness to embarrassing news.

Dawson is a hot shot Jock... Or is he? Escaping from his old life and fall from grace. Dawson gets a job assisting the local coach at Granville highschool where Evan works as head of the tech group. 

Evan and Dawson quickly develop a close friendship. Dawson propositions Evan with an opportunity to teach him how to flirt and get him a date. Dawson grows oddly protective of Evan and no man seems worthy for the role of being Evans first!.... Dawson thinks he might just be the man, but he's straight, right???

I loved Dawson and Evans transition from their embarrassing first encounter to friends and eventually lovers. Never Have I Evan was super sweet and tender and had some great characters in the town of Granville who are more than happy to help this budding friendship on their road to romance.

Rating: 5 Stars

Never Have I Evan is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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