Drunk Off the Bartender by Ashlynn Mills

What happens when a grumpy bartender and a sunshiny dancer get together? Things get sticky and sparks fly.

From the Drunk Off the Bartender blurb:

Never did I think I'd prefer getting my buzz from the bartender instead of the alcohol he serves.


I've had my eyes set on our clubs bouncer for over a year. I don't think he ever sees it as more than harmless flirting, even though I try so hard to make him see it. To make him see me.

Then the annoying hot bartender I work with continously has to give me his speech about how there are plenty of fish in the sea while constantly reminding me how not to sit on his bar or bring my homemade lube to work. What does he know? After spending one night in Tucker's bed, I realize he apparently knows more than I've ever given him credit for.


No one gets under my skin more than the adorable little exotic dancer who doesn't know what boundaries are or how to stop going after the wrong guy. After watching his many failed attempts to woo a guy who barely gives him a second glance, I decide to help him find someone who will sweep him off his feet. Only that someone else isn't supposed to be me.

Drunk off the Bartender is a 50k Grumpy guy falls for the sunshine guy short.

Heather of NotGuiltyofBooks Review:

Drunk Off the Bartender was a great story of the Grumpy/Sunshine variety.  In this case, Tucker, the grumpy bartender and Luca, the sunshiny dancer.  Turns out Tucker has been battling a deep loss.  Luca is battling the voices of his father in his head.  Once they start talking and realizing there is more to the other person, they figure out how perfect they are for each other..

I have to say, I love Tucker.  I am a sucker for a grumpy misunderstood guy.  He’s deep, and super caring.  Luca on the other hand grated me.  Not due to anything the author did, I just really don’t like the in your face, i don’t care if I'm bothering you, I’m going to push all your buttons and laugh, happy persona.  Also, and I don’t say this often, there was a lot of sex, which at times started to distract from the story.  I did love their chemistry, they fit well together and it was sweet for them to find their footing together.

Rating: 4 Stars

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