Audio Review: Chester Falls Volume One: Books 0.5-3: The Chester Falls Collection Volume 1 by Ana Ashley, narrated by Nick Hudson

Chester Falls the Collection Volume One is 3 full novels and a novella, plenty of hours of listening

From the blurb:

What do a bookstore owner, a prince, a fashionista and a bodyguard have in common?

They’re all about to find their own swoon-worthy romance with a happy ever after.

Welcome to Chester Falls, where anything is possible, the cinnamon buns are to die for, and love is always just around the corner.

Chester Falls the Collection Volume One includes:

"How to Catch a Bookworm" (short story)
How to Catch a Prince
How to Catch a Rival
How to Catch a Bodyguard

How to Catch a Bookworm

Ben doesn’t believe he can find love. Tristan just broke up with his cheating ex.
Chance brought them together once, but fate, and a meddling friend ensure they meet again. Will Ben and Tristan put the past aside for a chance of a future together?

How to Catch a Prince

Hiding from the press in the Connecticut countryside isn’t how Prince Kristoff of Lydovia wants to spend his time. But one fateful bump into the shy, aspiring artist, Charlie, and Kris quickly changes his mind.
Now he’s Charlie’s fake boyfriend and plus one at a family wedding. Not to mention the undeniable chemistry between them.
What could possibly go wrong?

How to Catch a Rival

Both Tom and Wren have very good reasons for wanting to win the Chester Falls Pride Festival Bake-Off, even if neither have ever baked a single cupcake.
When the heat moves from the kitchen to the bedroom, will Tom and Wren put their rivalry aside? Or is what they stand to lose more important than their growing feelings?
In this story of opposites attract, sit back and watch as the sparkliest resident of Chester Falls gets his own true love.

How to Catch a Bodyguard

Sometimes life has a way of bringing back what was always yours.
Connor hasn’t just had a bad day or bad week. More like a bad year. Things have been going downhill since he dumped his girlfriend and to top it all of his house has been ransacked.
James’ first and only instinct is to protect Connor from whoever is trying to harm him. But will being his secret crush’s bodyguard end up putting his heart in harm’s way?

Jacquie's Review:

I'd previously listened to a couple of the Chester Falls books but only one in this great value bundle.
Ana Ashley has created a lovely small-town feel with a host of great characters. Nick Hudson has used his talent to give them distinctive voices, easily juggling a big cast over all the books.
I think this might end up as a comfort listen. It has a lot of sweetness and doesn't get too heavy. There is some drama but mostly it's just couples falling in love in a mostly accepting town

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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