YBBB - Twice Bitten, Blood Bonds #1 by Eliot Grayson

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From the blurb:

A werewolf walks into a vampire bar… ouch.

Vampire enforcer Angelo has enough problems already, and a tall, dark, and irritating alpha werewolf is the last thing he needs.

With his cheating, murderous mate on the run, Jack’s looking for help from the local authorities—who assign Angelo to solve the problem quickly.

They don’t have anything in common on paper, but sharing magical compatibility, a sense of humor, and a common goal can build a bond—whether mundane or otherwise. Even when another bond’s impossible…

Warning: Contains magical attack scorpions, knotting, and a vampire who’s desperate to avoid ruining his suit, falling in love, or other catastrophes. Spoiler alert: He falls in love. Does he ruin his suit, though? Read and find out! Happy ending guaranteed

Jacquie's Review:

Though it's the start of a new series it's set within the Mismatched Mates world and works as a spin-off where you wouldn't necessarily have to have read the Mismatched Mates series first. Told exclusively from Angelo's pov throughout though I would have loved a chapter from Jack, perhaps at the end so we could find out about Jake. Plenty of action, steam, and emotion, I really liked Jack and how steady and stable he was for an alpha. Angelo was a sweetheart and I loved how it was left off. I'd love a return to these characters and am looking forward to other Blood Bonds books

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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