Too Like Lightening by Travis Beaudoin

Told from Andrew Madigan's POV, Too Like Lightening is a story of redemption, second chances and summer love...

From the blurb:

Andrew Madigan had everything he ever wanted.

He’d worked hard to build this perfect little life. A stable relationship with a successful man. A beautiful home in a quiet suburb. And best of all, a job where he spent his days talking about literature.

Then his tenure was denied and, too quickly for him to stop it, everything crumbled.

Now, with his dreams in the dust and his confidence shattered, Andrew has one summer to figure out his next move.

Bulbs, Florida, is like no place Andrew’s ever known. It’s small and provincial. It’s hot as hell. Storms roll through every single day. But Andrew just has to keep his head down. Finish his book, find a new job, put things back on track. Easy-peasy.

He didn’t plan on making a friend.

Coley Brandt has a green thumb and an easy smile. He’s much younger than Andrew, but he puts Andrew at ease, makes him feel at home. Their time together reminds Andrew what having a purpose feels like.

Suddenly, this long, lonely summer feels too short.

But Coley has dreams of his own, and they’re a million miles away from the life Andrew’s trying to get back.

Maybe this is just a summer fling. Maybe, like the lightning, it’s only meant to be glorious for a moment before it disappears.

Or maybe it’s something more.

Too Like the Lightning is a steamy small-town, age-gap romance. It’s perfect for lovers of second chances, coffee on the back porch, thunderstorms, poetry, and happily ever afters. 85,000 words.

KjnRose's Review:

Wonderful characters and age gap love  This is the first book by this author that I have read and I am glad I had the opportunity to get it.  I loved the wonderful characters and the steamy scene between the two MC's.  It's got some angst, but in the end it's a great HEA.  I can't wait to see what comes next from this author.

5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Too Like Lightening was an unusual mix of hesitation, interest and intention... told only from Andrew's POV, you get a glimpse into a love story that develops over the course of a summer, but moves as organically as Coley's ideas for natural gardening...  Using both literature and environmental metaphors, Travis Beaudoin gives the reader extra insights into both the characters and their relationships. 

It is a well crafted, sweet and steamy romance, although I wish I had more of Coley's POV in some places... 

Rating: 4 Stars

Laora's Review:

"But now, each afternoon the world made a spectacle of itself. Black skies threw white lightning. Thunder crashed and rolled and cracked. Wind shook the trees like it was angry at them. Raindrops like bullets battered the roof. That space I’d built between the world and me fell away. When the rain came, I’d sit on the back porch of my borrowed home and watch the world have a tantrum. It was the only time I didn’t feel alone." - Andrew

This book is for all who enjoy a book that is so well written and uses languages in a way that it feels like a painting. No word is out of place, the use of quotes, the flow and tone are just amazing. I was surprised more hours had passed then I suspected when I finished this book.

This is an age gap romance that seems to start out as a summer fling, but it becomes so much more almost unbeknownst to both Andrew and Corey. They have to make decisions when the outside world comes calling into their little slice of heaven.

The author was new to me and I am sure to check out more of his work.

Rating: 5+ Stars if I could

Too Like Lightening is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription