#TeaserTuesday: Bolt From the Blue by Willow Thomas

Bolt From the Blue by Willow Thomas comes out March 25th and I'm excited to see what this debut holds... it's already on my TBR because Hockey and heck... a strangers to lovers fake relationship.. well, let me know if you agree after you read the teaser...



I am tired of my friends trying to set me up with whatever guy they feel is suitable, regardless of my feelings. So naturally I resort to throwing myself at the first cute guy I see and ask him to pretend to be my boyfriend.

I’m happy but shocked when the hockey jock agrees to play along and help me out.

If my friends won't listen to my words, maybe they’ll back off once they see I’m in a relationship.

Shame it’s not real because Austin is everything I want.


I have had a crush on the barista at my local coffee shop since I first laid eyes on him.

When Milo serves me my drink with a kiss on the cheek, it’s like all my birthdays and Christmases have come at once.

I have college, hockey, and parents to deal with, but I am willing to go along with whatever Milo asks.

Anything, just to be able to spend more time together.

Bolt From the Blue features fake boyfriends, real dates, new friendships, lovable hockey players, low angst, HEA guaranteed.




The smell of coffee fills the air as I follow the guys through the doors of The Blue. I see Milo behind the counter, his head thrown back, laughing at something his coworker is saying, and my crush on him grows. His big, bright smile appears the instant he sees us approaching the counter.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, how was practice? Score any pucks?” 

“Score any pucks? Please tell me you’re kidding?” Ty asks him with a look of horror.

“Of course,” Milo replies without a trace of confidence. He turns to me “Austin, can I get you your usual?”

“Yes please,” I answer, ignoring the knowing smirks from the guys. “Can we also get three regular cappuccinos?”

“Anything for you,” he says with a wink. “Why don’t y’all take a seat and I’ll bring them over in a few”

We take our seats at a nearby table and I wait for the onslaught of ribbing sure to come my way. My friends do not disappoint.

“He knows your name,” Bron says.

“He totally winked at you,” Tyler starts bouncing in his seat.

“And he knows your coffee order off by heart but not ours. We visit nearly as often as you do and it’s less complicated!”

“He WINKED at him.”

“He said anything for you. That was totally a flirty move.”

“Winked. There was winkage.”

“Tyler, we get it, stop going on about the winking,” Bron finally explodes.

I look at Chase who has remained quiet the whole time. “What do you think?

“He did wink at you.” I roll my eyes. “He could be into you or he could just be flirty. Hard to tell.” That doesn’t really make me feel any better. I look over at Milo, frowning when I see him arguing with a girl who I think is in one of my classes. He looks at me and I give him what I hope is an encouraging smile. He returns it, says something to the girl and brings our drinks over to us.


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