Hidden Truth by Samuel York

Murders at the true crime convention, who would have thought it could lead to love in Hidden Truth?

From the blurb:

Ethan Anderson thinks Stone McIntyre, the sexy cop next door, is too interested in his business. When Ethan stumbles upon not just one dead body but two at a true crime podcasters convention, Stone might be his only hope of surviving.

Stone doesn’t know what it is about his new neighbor, but he wants to find out more. Ethan isn’t giving up any details about his personal life. The lack of information makes Stone dig deeper, but all he finds is more loose ends.

Now involved in a triple homicide, Stone must decide if he trusts the mysterious Ethan or if he’s the suspect they’ve been searching for.

Laora's Review:

The set up for Hidden Truth was original -  a murder mystery at a true crime convention for authors of the genre. This book read really fast.

Ethan, a trans gender gay man and a true crime writer who has moved house and turns out to be living next to Stone, a cis pan man and a cop. The story about the conference, the attendees and the persons who keep dropping dead is well done. It seems that Ethan might be a future victim.

I liked the overall storyline but found the first interactions between Ethan and Stone a bit strange and unpleasant. Stone is cop, even tough there are mitigating circumstances,  he should be better in interactions in my opinion.

I however appreciate that Ethan being a trans gender gay man is a non issue for Stone.

I recommend Hidden Truth for anybody who like a whodunit with a HFN at the end

Rating: 4 Stars

Hidden Truth is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription