Falling for the Pet Doctor by Crystal Lacy


Falling for the Pet Doctor is a sweet, steamy and heartfelt read that offers a hurt/comfort and opposites attract storyline...

From the blurb:

When his estranged mother passes away, struggling artist Felix Lu is saddled with a middle-aged parrot after he returns to his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii to put her affairs in order. Out of his depth and dealing poorly with grief, Felix turns to compassionate veterinarian Tyler for comfort.

Losing the love of his life in an accident has made Tyler Hayworth afraid to risk his heart again. When Felix walks into his life, Tyler tries his best to steer clear of temptation--but lowers his guard when he realizes Felix is only looking for a temporary fix for his loneliness.

Felix is going back to the mainland soon. They can both take what they need from each other without compromising their hearts, right?

An emotional romance featuring a singing African grey parrot, lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet, well-deserved happily-ever-after. This 44,000 word novella was originally published under Radish Fiction under the name Finding Home. It has been revised and edited for re-publication here.

Heather's Review:

There is such an easy flow to this story that you sink into Felix and Tyler's little Hawaiian bubble and you don't want to come out!  Both men struggle with loss, one new, one older... and neither is looking for a long term relationship, but you know what happens when you're not looking for something... you find it...

Well paced and packed with emotion, adorable pets, sweet and steamy moments, this novella has everything you want from a romance story - it's perfect for a getaway read and would also be great for curling up on a cold afternoon with a cup of hot tea and a blanket on the sofa like I did...

Rating: 5 Stars