Yours to be Forgotten by Hayden Hall

After Yours to be Forgotten was teased at the end of Yours to Be Forgiven, I have been waiting for Ashton's story and Hayden Hall did not disappoint!

From the blurb:

One of us regrets, the other one forgets.

After a warehouse explosion wipes his memory of me, all I see is a chance for redemption. I broke Ashton's heart two years ago when I chose my career over his warm embrace. And now I'm the only person who can help him find his memories.

But reliving those moments is far from easy. Every step I take in Devil's Lake is a reminder of the biggest mistake I've ever made. And the man walking with me has no clue who I am. He has no clue how much he once loved me.

He looks at me with the same wonder and awe like the first time we met, but we're racing down the opposite tracks.

If I'm successful, he might just remember me. And when he does, he'll hate me just like I deserve.

Yours To Be Forgotten is the second book in The Long Way Home trilogy and should be read after Yours To Be Forgiven. Next and final book, Yours To Be Protected, brings this tale to an end in April.

Heather's Review:

Yours to be Forgotten is a second chance romance in the true style of relationship rebuilding - especially considering Ashton has no memory of the relationship or anything else...

It's a slow burn, partly from Logan's guilt and partly because of Ashton's injuries, but with Max acting as Patchmaker for the couple and a mystery to solve, this book flows from a trickle to a steamy reunion to a satisfying and triumphant HEA...

I loved these characters and the trope was perfect!  I didn't click with Max and Ethan at the start, but I did with both Logan and Ashton...  I do think that you need to read Yours to Be Forgiven first if you care about some of the backstory and how Max gets involved with Ashton at all, but if you're just looking for an amazing second chance romance, I think Yours to be Forgotten can be read standalone...

Rating: 5 Stars