Till Death Do Us Wed - Jason Wrench (2-22)

Investigating murders and chasing down an international assassin in the midst of wedding planning, no problem.



The sequel to Twelve Days of Murder

Planning a wedding is hard enough without international politics, an assassin, your fiancĂ©’s ex-boyfriend and your mother to deal with.

NYPD Detective Frank Schultt and his fiancé, FBI Agent Aaron Massey, have bought a new condo, adopted a dog and are planning their wedding. But when an international assassin starts killing people on the streets of New York City, Aaron and Frank must work together to find the killer before she strikes again.

Combine the assassin with the pressure of Frank’s jealousy when Aaron’s ex-boyfriend comes back to town, and can their relationship withstand the pressure? Will Aaron and Frank make it to the altar on time, or will the assassin and Frank’s destructive behavior stop their wedding before it ever heads down the aisle?

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Twelve Days of Murder), must be read in order due to the cast of continuing characters. Established law enforcement couple, detective Frank and FBI agent Aaron, must work together again to investigate some recent murders which may be the work of an assassin with an agenda. Some time has passed since the first book in the series, and Frank and Aaron are engaged and planning to wed, and experience a few event planning and relationship bumps along the way. 

The author has very descriptive writing and Frank and Aaron spend more time together in this story than the previous book, but I still wished for more emotional connection between them. Entertaining read, and the epilogue was swoony. Interested in seeing more of this couple and series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Lesetiger's Review:

A great sequel - interesting characters and an exciting case 

After I really liked the first volume, I was already looking forward to the sequel.

The writing style is easy-going and I quickly got into the story.

Detective Frank Schultt and Agent Aaron Mason have moved in together and are engaged. I really liked these two characters. They are an endearing couple. Frank is an excellent detective, but in his personal life he struggles with his emotions. And with Aaaron's ex-boyfriend showing up unexpectedly, he has an extremely jealous reaction. It was nice to see that there is stress in a relationship sometimes - that was realistically portrayed. The way they both deal with relationship problems is also understandable . Aaron is clearly more level-headed than Frank and I liked both the character development and the development of their relationship. 

But aside from the relationship, the current case Frank is called to takes up a lot of space. It doesn't take long and then Aaron is also involved. Together with Frank's partner, they make a great investigative team. Within a short time, two high-ranking personalities are murdered in an unusual way. Allegedly an internationally wanted murderer is behind it. It was a pleasure to follow the many different leads. And the further the investigation progresses, the more obvious the family entanglements to the case become. The author did a really good job with that. There were some twists and turns that I didn't expect. The ending was totally fitting in my eyes. 

The book was exciting, humorous in between and also romantic. A great sequel and I hope to read more from Frank and Aaron!

Rating: 5 Stars

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